I feel like I should post my thoughts even though Im not a new player.
Im more of a "returning" player from about 1 year ago that basically tossed the game after being hit a Connection DC, being forced to pay a repair fee because of that, not having enough to pay for said fee, and being forcefully demoted to Tier 1 ships because of it. Thankfully it seems that system was tossed. And honestly? Im not sad to see it go.

Now, here what I feel.
Gameplay wise, It hasn't really changed much from last year.
Its manuvering, Proper reactor usage, Effective use of abilities, Proper aim, For standardized ship to ship combat at it's fundamental core. If there were any big changes in balances or tweaking, I don't really know, it just dosen't feel different from last time so perhaps that's a good thing. Though Conquest is pretty new, and so is proving grounds.

Map and Combat UI is lousy, hasn't changed.
-There is still a critical lack of information on the Solar seas. We have a Minimap that won't expand and only shows a general location of enemy ships on sensors and it's only on the tiny corner minimap.
-Call outs are fairly uninformative. It works if captains are facing the same way and highlighting a target to focus fire, It doesn't work if people are requesting repairs or asking to regroup on them. It dosen't work for pointing out where an enemy is IF you don't see said enemy, it only highlights their position on the minimap. But again, If you are not within the minimap's range, you don't see them.
-If you are looking in another direction, opposite to the person giving out the regroup call out, OR hidden behind the enviroment...You don't REALLY see anything, maybe some tiny markings next to their name. It does not show a location.
It would be nice to have an arrow showing WHO needs repairs, or who to regroup on.

The grind...Is...painful.
But tolerable. I played World of Warships, World of tanks, War thunder, and Steel Ocean.
This is nowhere near that level of AGONY.
Its really nice to only have to grind the modules and not the modules AND the ships separately.

With that said...I do not understand the reward system.
Sometimes I get paid very little for doing seemingly well, and sometimes I get paid well for doing seemingly little.
Theres something strangely inconsistent with it and I can't really say with certainty that it's basing my performance off of kills, heals, ribbons and assists.
And its somehow fueling my frusteration towards the grind.

Regardless of these thoughts, ill probably stick around longer this time. T4 ships are rather exquisite.

If I had to ask what should be added to the market place...
I suppose its a standard, more colors, decals, emblems, and captain customization kind of deal.

Though what I really think would be an interesting idea, is to let the community create their own to put it on sale.
This is something I have seen from Warframe and Gun's of Icarus.
I know Dreadnought is coming on steam sometime this year, so that means the steam workshop is going to become avaiable.
What those two games have done is they have let members of their community create various skins and captain clothing to be posted on the steam workshop. Once there, OTHER members of the community vote on which one they want. After that, the developers implement the community made things and pay the creators with small sale fee of ingame currency and the devs get the rest when someone purchases the customization.

But does it work though? Im not entirely certain, yet it seems to work very well in Warframe where they seem to be profiting off of skins and customs.

I have to ask though.
It seems the typical build is to be a Warp striker.

But has anyone come up with one using the Starling nuke missiles or carrier craft?
just curious if a longer ranged build is possible

i got my jutland a couple of days ago and Im having issues with it as well. which is why I came here for tips.

supposedly what jutland mains do is they build their jutlands to be warp striking brawlers. They warp into crowds of squishy targets and slam their enemies with Broadside guns and tank everything with their shields.
using the retaliator perk for jutland shields, evidently you could throw plasma every 3 seconds.
im not sure about the validity of it, but ill definitely find out.
they add in the Armorboost pulse to further increase their survivability.
And I guess they use light missiles...

its quite important that there is a healer to back you up though...which is something im always concerned about...