There are no fixed times, announcements usually via twitter.

Should be running on PS4, there was just a short downtime on the 21.

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BTW, arty's loose about 10/15% energy just for activating weapon amp. Why?

To limit the effective damage they can deal. You could just flip ptw on, fire, then instantly deactivate, since it snapshots the reload buff and damage buff, so you could get a lot more boosted shouts out, and thus deal, comparatively to other classes with their rapid firing guns which get a lot of their drain from the 6e/s base drain, way more damage.

It got fixed. But some people report it pushes you more forward than sideward compared to the T4 version.

Wende dich bitte an die Kundenbetreuung, die können dir weiterhelfen.

Yup, some bots spammed it to death, Devs want to fix that first.

In höheren Stufen geht das, zwar nicht für ne Minute aber es geht. Konkret "Rapid Fire Mode", wie auch immer das übersetzt wurde und briefings wie Survival Instinct und Last Resort reduzieren die Ladezeiten sehr stark.

Aber das geht erst ab T3.

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Loud horn is a Dread nuke warning. Gunfire is from another ship.

But it isnt any futuristic sounding gunfire, it sounds like my ship is being hit by a automatic rifle or being shot by a jet or something. I really have no idea how to explain it

I know what you mean, and it might also be the impact sounds. But some ships use guns like that. There are some secondary machine guns and even Autocannon turrets.

T2 Artillerie sollte keine Möglichkeit haben dem zu entgehen. Aber ohne Video kann ich dir nicht sagen was passiert ist. Womöglich hat dir dein Spiel was falsches angezeigt, das passiert leider recht häufig bei Online spielen, vorallem bei solchen ohne lokalen Server.

Loud horn is a Dread nuke warning. Gunfire is from another ship.

If there is no bundle in the market, then no.