It boosts your speed for one second if you get hit while having power to engines.

Thats because its a bug and if it happens gives you something thats not shown.

No. It is a new set of cosmetics.

If you buy it you might be lucky and get a new set thats nowhere visible. Which is most likely a bug. And you might only get it if you already have the old one.

Steam overlay im steam aktiviert? Wenn ja, direkt nach dem klicken shift+tab um es zu öffnen.

Vintag vs new should just be a new loadout.

Some, not all, people got a new cosmetic set with the "new" Trident from the bundle however. I suppose thats a bug, but until they correct that, no clue.

You need to buy the briefing first. It simply should not colour the line before you bought it.

Ai Nanasaki#5470 posted (#post-227089) said:

the question is does this count the PS4 servers becuse i have been getting Unable to connect to the server. ¨Try again in a moment.¨ for some days im getting a bit frustrated becuse i cant get in and the game is one of my favorite on capital ship battle

No, but PS4 servers are currently down, on monday there should be more information when they go live again.

This is intentional, because T3 storms got added after T4 and T5 storms. They are pretty new, not even a year old I think, while T4 storms exist since the tiers, and their untiered version even before that.

Now why are T3 storms that bad? No clue.

Report it to be sure its a known bug. Ingame there is a bug reporter in the big menu to the left.