Wirst nichts doppelt haben, aber auch keinen Preiserlass bekommen.

Besides the Oberons, and the strange T3s, all Arties are either in optimal range, or out of range. The reticule is also colour coded, if you point at a ship it goes from red (optimal) via orange (effective) to yellow (max).

Korean will get added later.

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All the articles hint that once Dreadnought is launched on Steam then the PC version will no longer work. Straight answer now: Is this true?

steam is a pc program so no

However you will need steam to play the "standalone" will no longer work.

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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere and I've just missed it, but how will purchased content carry over? Talking about GP purchases of skins etc.

You keep everything that you have.

Ja musst du, die Server sind aber noch nicht online.

The primary gun cannot get changed, just the modules. If you cannot select other modules, you would need to resewarch and buy them first.

Click on the Hangar button top left, then you see the list of ships at the bottom, click on one and you get to the loadout of this ship, click on a module to change it.

All T4+ Tactical Cruisers have it in their tech-tree.

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Module reboot 4 and 5 are pretty much worthless. With each tier increase, you get more time taken off cooldowns with an increase in its own cooldown. The only problem here is the longest possible cooldown for a destroyer module is around 60 sec so theres no need to have 70 or 80 sec removed from cooldown when the tradeoff is an increase of up to 30 or more sec on the module itself. Just something to make the module more enticing needs to be done here.

You need the additional seconds if you run Goliath and are using the briefing Reinforced, it gives you 18% more max HP but increases cooldowns by 20%. However this is the only reason to run those modules.