I have been playing this game on/off for years. And every time I return to see the status of the game, nothing has changed. If the devs only put a little TLC into the game and update its graphics (which are now very dated---its no wonder why its not drawing new players), this game could make a comeback. Just look at Start Conflict: A game released in 2012 and still going strong today. Why? Because if you were to play it today, it looks and feels like a game made in 2021, not 2012. The devs updated its graphics and listened to their players to improve the game. We need a dev team that cares for DN, and puts the same love and care into this game to draw in new players and keep the old ones.

I have said this many times before, and I don't expect things to change now. But I love DN, and hate to see it die a slow death for the last 2 years. Please devs, do the right thing and avoid letting this game bleed to death. Sell it to a company that cares for it!


Thanks for the recommendation... I like that it shares many of the same gameplay elements as Dreadnought... never was much of a mech fan, but it is good to know there is another option out there to turn to in case DN becomes unplayable.


Any game can be revived, even after many years of stagnancy. There are plenty of examples of old games which most people thought were dead, but through the effort of devoted devs improved over time and blew up the gaming community. Some of the best games are old games that were refreshed and updated through many iterations.

Maybe I am being naive, but I've been playing this game since 2017 and still think it can be saved if the devs pass this to new ownership under people who want to save it. Yes graphics are important to most players, and is a draw for many. The reason why I focus on graphics, is because---as a graphic artist---it is easy enough to revamp materials in a game without affecting the core coding. Materials are nothing more than image files. Replacing the materials with higher resolution and more realistic images would be a quick and easy way to help update the game for 2020, as well as maybe add some better post processing lighting effects like bloom and volumetric lighting (all of which can be done in Unreal very easily)...


Hey devs,
Coming back to this game after a couple years, the graphics do appear a bit dated now. This is not an issue for me, since gameplay is more important, but I am thinking more of the player base, i.e., of drawing in more players and revitalizing this game again.

DN has so much potential at its core, despite being a few years old now. A few updates to the graphics could go a long ways to holding new players. I hope the devs don't fall into the trap of letting a good game die. Just look at the success of Planetside 2, and how many iterations it has seen through the years, and its player base and popularity continue to grow.

Nothing else quite compares to DN at the moment. This game fills a niche of sci-fi fans who enjoy tactical and thoughtful pvp 3rd person hero shooters, with a rewarding grind and meaningful differences between "classes." If the devs just update the graphics for 2020, I think we could see the player base grow. Everything else about the game it top nothc, including the music.


I haven't played for a while either, but came back last week just to see how things are going.... Can't say much has changed, but it is nice to see legendary is now playable, with T4 and T5 combined now... I can finally use my T5 ships, which I have been enjoying maxing out....

Unfortunately, nothing out there quite compares to DN. Most pvp shooters require cat-like relfexes---less tactital and more about speed. If I was a teenager again, that would be fine. Unfortunately, DN is a rare bread in this regard, and it is unfortunate nothing out there quite compares... will continue to play casually unless something better comes.....

I wish Yager would have spent a little more time on this game. Now they are working on an FPS called "The Cycle"... Looks interesting, but again, much too fast paced...Puts teenagers at an advantage over "older" players like myself...


Anubyte#5157 posted (#post-126588)

Up to 5 minutes now. You guys have to do better. I'm looking at you greybox.

It used to be up to 10 minutes or more, before a couple patches ago. Rather than staring at the screen, I just do some other work while I wait, or even post on the forums.


My best flying yet in the Valcour; a fun game, though not my highest scoring ("just" 14-0).


Spork#2479 posted (#post-124402)

Look at this video. Four Destroyers on the enemy team, 40-100, over in five minutes. Are Destroyers OP? No. We played a bad game and lost. If Corvettes are so OP to the point that they can take on any and every ship solo, why was I not obliterating everything left and right? I'm surely capable of it, if you look at any of my other videos. Why am I not unstoppable here?

I remember that game. That was one of my worst games of the night, lol. How embarrassing.

But you're right. This video is a good example of what a T4 vette faces when playing against experienced T4 players. It is an uphill battle to say the least. At the T4 level, vettes do seem balanced. I would suggest, however, maybe using Assault Blink Warp instead of Heavy Cloak. ABW still penetrates shields, which can help you take down T4 Destroyers/Dreads much more easily.


SOS-TheBorg#5315 posted (#post-124429)

By now there are well over 50 players with Tier 5s. Some even have four or five ships!

I'll make an effort to update this list. For now, those who desire Legendary game play, please join up on the DN Beta testers discord server.

Enough players are usually present on weekends in the evenings (North American time zones).

We held 3 Legendary matches this evening when all the stars aligned with nearly 20 players on discord queuing Legendary and recorded the matches.

What time did your match begin? Maybe set that time every week, so we can plan ahead to be online at the same time?


Ugh, watching that video makes it even more bitter-sweet. Its sweet to see you guys getting together, to be sure. But it is bitter for the rest of us who were not there. We really need to get better organized to have regular (weekly?) Legendary matches---if this is the way its going to be.

Clans maybe?