This question has probably been asked a thousand times, but I was curious if there are any future plans to help make T5 more accessible to more players (or at least playable by the "elites"). It seems odd that this class of ship was created that no one can play. Like having a dead arm, there is an entire aspect to this game that is unusable at the moment. And it seems to me that nothing will change unless something is done from the top down.

Have we heard any word from this inside about this? Perhaps it is on the ticket to be addressed this year?


Redwyrm#3695 posted (#post-124330)

That would make destroyers OP instead. With 2.5km flaks they will wreak far more than just vettes.

Destroyers are kind of weak at the moment, so a little buff to them would be a good thing.


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Only suggestion i can make that would help vs corvettes would be to make flak range increased to ~2.5k range. I'd rather see that change then anything changed on the corvettes themselves. I still believe vettes are just fine in terms of balance, every class is powerful in their own way. However, if flak guns range were increased there wouldnt be any need for this discussion. I also think that even if flak range was extended, people would still complain because they die from not paying attention rather than not having an answer.

+1 Good suggestion

Flak needs some love on some ships anyway.


True. I just got 20 kills in my Valcour last night---the most I've gotten so far. But I didn't even fly that well in the game; made a lot of mistakes. The Valcour can be very forgiving;

Anyway, having over 80 hours in the vette, I know how to counter them. Give me a Murometz with proximity mines + Bomb catapault + evasive manuevor, and I will win in most one-on-one encounters. 50% of all vettes fly straight into my mines and die instantly. 40% can be finished off quickly with a Bomb Catapult launched at close range. The last 10% are the good vette players---also experienced in artillery---and can be a challenge.

Anyway, vettes will be getting the nerf hammer soon enough. Then no one will care about their speed advantage anymore. They will just be target practice.


Honestly, the devs should leave this bonus XP bug as it is, so T5 actually becomes playable.


In order to counter vettes properly, you first need to know how to fly them. This is the problem a lot of non-vette players have. They avoid flying the vette to their own disadvantage.


Got 20 kills in the Valcour last night...the most I've gotten so far. I made a lot of mistakes though. It wasn't my best flying, but somehow managed a high score;

This second video is one of my better openings on Ixion...took down the entire team in the first 3 minutes. This video is a good demonstration on how to use cover to your advantage in Ixion;



(my first T5 ship)

Maybe a hit-scan type weapon? This game is mostly projectiles I've noticed.

My concern is that the impact of dying is vastly different for faster ships like vettes, who can return to the battle in seconds with one afterburner and engine rigger. (I suppose my point is moot though, if vettes will be getting the nerf hammer. Then no one will care so much about their speed advantage).