I see. I think I am beginning to understand now. I didn't realize there were two different kinds of XP and credits, one ship specific and one general. I was looking at my ship-specific XP (the big silver star) and thinking it was my "currency."

So much to learn!

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I'm a total noob. I just researched a Furia. Thought that meant that I bought it. But I am now seeing a red banner saying "not enough currency," even though my credits far surpass its cost.

Can anyone make sense of this for me?

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How did the games go? For total newbies like me, it would be great to be able to spectate, or watch a recorded video of the match. So much to learn!

Just looking at the spreadsheet now.. Interestingly, the Vigo has more than 4 times the long range damage per second as the Jutland, and three times the speed, but less than half the health. I am totally new to this game, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about. But it seems like these two ships are suited for entirely different purposes. I suppose it all depends on your play style and whether you prefer a close range tank or a more mobile destroyer.

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Amazing. Do you have all the answers? This is exactly what I need, and even includes all the abilities/loadouts as well.

There is also a Discord for the players linked at -> Community. There you can ask more smartasses like me. =D

Cool, I'll check it out. Seems like a nice community.

Thanks again man.

Amazing. Do you have all the answers? This is exactly what I need, and even includes all the abilities/loadouts as well.

Got it, thanks Jawayne.

And now the million dollar question: Is there a spreadsheet somewhere with all the 2017 ships stats?

(sorry for badgering you with all the questions)

Lots of detailed info... Thank you; it is very helpful and much appreciated.

One quick follow-up: What do I need to even obtain a tier II ship? Do I just upgrade all my mods for my current ship? (for example, going from the Rurick to the Tugarin, or Ceberes to the Feria)?

Hey guys,

I am totally new to this game, but it looks wonderful. But I am also totally confused at which path to take.

Having watched a number of Youtube videos and guides on good trees/ships to level up with, I am even more confused, because the ships they recommend I do not see (like the Knox), and the menus they have are different than mine. (evidently a lot has changed since 2016.

So I don't even know what is a good tier 1 ship / path to begin on.

Anyone have any recommendation? Any guides available (updated for 2017)?


KFC, your youtube videos are great... very informative and helpful. Hope to see more from you.

I was wondering if we can get an updated 2017 leveling guide? I am new to the game and am totally confused about which direction I should go in. The new menu and tier-1 ships seem totally different than the videos you uploaded.