this is a last attempt on this matter.if it dont change i, like many others i guess, gonna stop playing this game.

Corvettes are redicilously over powered.I notice that the most when playing one myself.Its super easy to kill

ANY kind of ship within seconds.You basically activate your combo (1: reload 2:Heavy torpedo + 3:all energy to weapons + 4:kill after 3-5 seconds in 70% of engagements)

I dont know, if thats how they shoud work there is no reason for me to play any other ship besides them.

Thous making the whole game concept unintresting for me.This game needs to balance this ship class way better.

I coud think most people play this game because of the slow paced massive ship action looking at the numbers

corvettes show up in matches.But if they do they have the capability to ruin the experience for the rest of the players.

They shoudnt be the best option in thermes of success in a game that is called dreadnought.

And lets be honest, its super easy to dominate in a corvette.I woudnt call myself a good corvette player but manage

every time i play them to place under the top 3.


i am through with this game.after 1 year they still force me to play with wasd.This is just pathetic.

Is it too difficult to allow me to setup my controls to my preferred play style.In game like this...

NO... JUST.... no.... bye

Gravitron#3111 posted (#post-96967)

Grabbed this from the log:

[2017.01.21-14.15.05:886][941]Entering Matchmaking. Game Type [ANY]

[2017.01.21-14.15.05:886][941] Map Name [ANY].

[2017.01.21-14.15.05:886][941] Map Path [ANY].

[2017.01.21-14.15.05:974][947]LogYMmogbrain:Warning: Failed to register for matchmaking. Error: [invalid_version]

Looks like there's a version mismatch on the server, or something on the server isn't returning what's expected...

about your signature, as long as they take money from people it can be expected that the game works.

Nowadays everybody puts a "beta" infront of his half made, lack luster game and getting away with it

because of wierd people like you that are thankfull for whatever reason to play such a bugged mess.

Sry maybie i dont get it because i come out of a time where pc games was in their majority quality products,

except some rotten apples that noone whirte knighted, let alone buyed.

Ingame description:

"they are famous for their impressive range"

which is in fact 2400m so wtf!?

please update the text, its kinda missleading and totaly far away from actual "impressive range" weapons.

For example, my close range autoguns shooting 2500m and thats not a good range fighting weapon to be honest.

i think the biggest problem this game have is that it dosent make people

want to play more then 2-3 rounds per day.

The reason for this are the extremely mixed experiences

when playing a match.How i come to that opinion?

I have 5 friends who also participate in the CB

and we share the same opinion in thermes of the flaws this game has.

It reaches from ship vs ship balance

(they can fail on the one hand but with skilled players they become insanely OP smile)

to limited game moders (1 in fact, the other has ZERO players).

I know its closed beta, but when you take peoples money you shoud offer them enough

to stay entertained and allready have a look at the "enjoying the game" factor.

About ship balance:

For example, pick the healer class and make the match kinda redicilous

in thermes of survivability and kill chances.Or pick the corvette and master playing it correctly.

The enemy team wont have a chance to focus on something other then the corvette.

This leads to fewer satisfying match experiences and many frustrating allmost wierd matches.

I for my part often stop playing extremely frustrated not touching the game for days

untill i kinda "have grass growing over it" (german spelling smile)

and give it another try, just to end up with the same frustration about the game again after 3 games.

This process is repeating since 3 months with ever larger growing non playing times.

I am not saying this game fails in every aspect, it can have very intense and rewarding gameplay moments

but overall it feels more like a gamble gameplay wise.

why is there an option to rebind keys when there is the possibility that the ingame experience get bugged to unplayable state.


command wheel = lock up of mouse controls (even after rebinding); unable to execute the command (stuck forever)

chat window = unable to execute the sentence and close chat window (stuck forever)

Energy management wheel= unable to execute the action when preffered wheel option is checked (stuck forever)

*instead bind a key to the direct energy types, each its own (e.g.: shield-page up, thrust-end (f.ex.)

only chance to get controls over the game back (at least in some cases) is reset hotkeys

i was so annoyed EVERYTIME game bugged out and controls was stucked, since you forced to test key setup in a live match, that i stopped playing for several days

*i know its closed beta, so that is why i stated it here.Still find it pretty annoying that such essential stuff getting pushed out with such functionality.Better leave it out of the game as an option till you have time to set it up for working as intended :/

how much razor is paying you? smile

I can confirm the whole process is bugged like crazy.After changed the keyboard loadout to my desired setup it was a pain in the pops to play a whole round unable to do anything productive.Either the controls where stuck or not reacting at all.


*Quick hint: to get an idea what i am talking about setup the controls to an arrow key layout and see for yourself

biggest issue = Energy management wheel (shields, weapons, thrusters).Anything other then standard layout triggers

bugs that make playing impossible.Only fixable with reset to default controls.Why implement an option when its in the end

not functioning oO? dont get the point....

Hello captains!

I want to form a squad of corvette enthusiasts who be capable of pressing 1 (cloak),

activating extra power to the engines (E > right side of panel) sneaking up to enemy ship (best dreadnought or destroyer)

pressing when near it power to weapons (E> Left side of panel (death head(how fitting)) and fiering ultra auto cannons

(left mouse button) + Torpedo (2).After enemy ship is destroyed we will evade with after burner (4).

We repeat this procedere till we won 100/10 or every enemy player left the game.

We will fly corvettes exclusively, every other ship is contra productive to winning imho.

If you have higher class corvette thats welcome but trader ship corvette is doing the job also outstanding.

Leave a message and i invite you to friends list.

Oh... and skill wise.You shoud be able to fly a ship without bumping into walls or leaving the playfield area.

The rest is easy.Sneak>Kill>Escape>Repeat

you can enter the game now.

So the sessions seem to start when its 10:00am north american time