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RIP_Dreadnought#0485 posted (#post-116806)

What should be done is to revert to a patch where tiers and maintenance didn't exist.

I fully agree with this. Please stop punishing players for playing your game!

Thor stated in the last Twitch stream that maintenance will stay so I have no hope left.

HighHubris#9802 posted (#post-90045)

Well, according to Jan 6th news item on final account wipes...

"It also enables us to make vital changes to the Manufacturer and ship Tech Trees based on community feedback, which we’ll have more details on next week. You can expect to see the full patch notes for update 1.4.1 during this maintenance window."

I'm optimistic.

But you need to get realistic... smile

Sadly the new trees which they "leaked" in yesterdays dev stream differ from the current ones in only minor ways. Maintenance will also stay. Therefore, if we don't love it, we got to leave it, no matter if we idealistically don't want it to die a slow and painful death. smile

@OP: Great list, I support this!

Yes, these are indeed great ideas. <3

DexterX#7952 posted (#post-81770)

Agreed! Wont be playing until after reset...while faithfully going to church in hopes that ship maintenance dies a very painful death.

Painful is too slow. It should die as quickly as possible. smile

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obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-79058)

[... Lots of true stuff Devs should really listen at last ...]


xtcmax#5565 posted (#post-76753)

I wonder how come players are fleeing?

Because the current 1.3 build is like the Balrog of Moria...