I cannot confirm nor deny.

But it sounds like it's a game mode about Escorting a Titan, hey it might even be a carrier smile

If you want a refund ask for it, they do give them out.

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Doesn't sound much if any different from what the devs were showing in the stream, the main problem is the plain power increase which you still have in your model, so wont satisfy many ppl what you wrote there

So the main problem people have with progression 2.0 is ships becoming stronger..? Is that really it?

Yes, more than that ships from different tiers would play different, because of different speed, health pool, and damage.

It's been touted that tier 1-2 would be very arcady, while tier 4 is more or less where we are now.

That's even worse what happens when people find tier 1 to be more enjoyable? what happens when tier 5 is great for Horde mode but is horrible for competitive PVP?

The sad truth is that 2.0 has nothing to do with balance, it has everything to do with income across the entire lifecycle of the game the simple math was that cosmetics were not enough, and that selling the game for 30-40$ + and or possibly selling the episodic PVE content separately wasn't a viable/sustainable business model according to their market research.

Tiered games do not have a good esport scene, WoWS is artificially funded, no one considered any of the WoT like games to be a fair playing ground regardless of how popular they are.

We already have a pretty d4mn good balance across the board, the skill gap is the biggest differentiator atm and I've made accounts to solo level only to prove that to myself. There are still a few outliers out there mainly abilities which are really powerful and are straight upgrades rather than "sidegrades" but those should be addressed individually.

I don't mind having different revisions of the same ships that would have different advantages and disadvantages but it needs to be balanced, tiers by definition are not balanced they are clear upgrades over what you had before and that's just lazy game design.

My only hope now is that we'll have custom game modes that we can set exactly which ships are going to be useable in which configuration but I have strong doubts that they would ever do that.

I don't blame the dev's going on with this system, it's the only proven system they had even it's the exact system so many of us that play dreadnought have intentionally steered away from.

They had a chance of making a good and unique game that might even build it's own competitive scene internally, now they might have a chance of making a successful game but at the end it would turn into nothing but a clone of WoWS.

It does work on healing but the problem with this OB is that the moment you take even 1 point of damage you do 25% less DPS/HPS which makes it lunacy to use.

It's fun to use on troll builds on snipers/corvettes (damage amp, glass cannon valcour with shield tanking for example) but it will kill you under any reasonable circumstances.

This is one of the main OB's we want to be looked at the bonus should be reduced slightly and it should be valid as long as you are above 75% HP.

Alternatively we've also suggested other options like a boost to damage when you are at 0 energy but that could be slightly too strong for healers currently.

Do you understand how SERP optimization works?

When you search for Destiny the first 20-30 results come for the game and that's because the billion people that searched for Destiny since 2014 wanted to see results about the game.

Google isn't static, if you search for dreadnought corvette guide for example you get relevant results today eventho there is almost no content for the game currently.

Infact if you search for Dreadnought Corvette Guide it would bring up the DN Wiki even tho it has no guides because Google SEPR uses semantics and contextual fuzziness and while it might not find a "guide" it knows that a wiki might hold guides and other information even if it's not a direct query return match.

The name has little to nothing to do with what Google will come to you with as an "experienced web developer well versed in scamming eh sorry SEO" you should know that.

You can give your product a unique name but it won't help it appear on Google anymore that give it the most common and unrelated name.

If Activision releases a game called clogged toilet after a week all the top search results on google will be about it rather than well clogged toilets.

Not to mention that Google has your profile which includes your demographic and other details which it uses to further improve the returned results.

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Guides that virtually no one made yet?

Destiny and EVE existed for much longer with huge communities, it's not that the name is bad is that there is nothing to search for atm.

Or we could stop arguing with the web developer about SEO.

Because Destiny is not a common word? Do you care to bet what results would you have gotten before 2014 when you Googled Destiny Guide? Do you even understand how SERP and PR work?

Guides that virtually no one made yet?

Destiny and EVE existed for much longer with huge communities, it's not that the name is bad is that there is nothing to search for atm.

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I see many players take the invictus in matches but to me, it does badly what the other ships do. It doesn't tank enough like the other two dreadnoughts do and it's not as damage dealings and as fast as destroyers are. So I fail to understand why people like it. For me, it's kind of useless.

Depending on the fight and my team(while i am obsessed with my Monarch),i sometimes take invictus,cause of the ability to get fast enough from bad situations.Its light,but it still can get a beating though and yet survive.

Then why not take the Gora instead? It's faster and its shields are much better I find.

Because it carries dreadnought modules?

It's like asking why take a Gora instead of a Kreshnik.

If you actually read both posts you'll find yours to be the one making the definitive statements while being factually wrong.

It's not that the current problem is that the Cattaro does not do enough damage when you count in the fall off to take it over the Aion.

What you are completely ignoring the fact that no one here actually wants the Cattaro to be a damage dealer that would go against everything that the Tac class is supposed to be.

The Cattaro doesn't need a damage buff it needs a reason to take it into battle currently it has none regardless of how "fun" it might be.

Unless the Cattaro is given a proper support role it might as well be removed, the Aion can be built exactly the same and only lose considerable DPS at below 1200M in which case a blast pulse, nuke mine, and tesla pods would be your main source of damage anyhow and it can also actually provide a support function because it can heal.

A DPS only Tactical Cruiser makes zero sense since oddly enough the Tac's do not have that many support abilities outside of their primary weapons to begin with.

Cloak Pulse and Overclock pulses aren't enough they are very limited and only help to foster bad game play which is mostly turtling, other than that the Tac can't really bring up CC on anything besides it's first slot and it's CC is the weakest of them all since it pretty much forces the tac to focus on a target for the duration of the effect.

The Cattaro needs to be changed, and overall the Tactical Cruiser class needs an overhaul because of lackluster ability modules and too great of a disparity between the Aion and the Koschei.

You can try to demean myself and other people in this thread but honestly we've tested this for much longer than you have, we've spend considerably more time and effort on theorycrafting than you and we have a pretty good handle on what's going on in the game and how the 100's of different pieces interact with each other.

That said the notion of unpredictable outcomes is also a big issue, especially in a competitive title unless you are being considerably outplayed every game system should have a predictable outcome if the Cattaro is poised as a corvette killer then it should be able to do so in a predictable and repeatable manner if it's only good as a tool to kill low skilled player then it's no good at all.

We've rolled 5 aions and stomped teams before, even a few premades that doesn't mean that a 5 Aion's is a valid tactic or that it will work in any realistic scenario with the exception of those in which there is a huge disparity in terms of skill.

And it doesn't turn the Aion into an effective damage dealer it shouldn't be one nor we wanted to be, the fact that something might work in some unknown circumstances is exactly the core issue we are trying to remedy here.