Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-234205) said:

You can turn it off. I'll forward this thread to them.

That doesn't work

I've asked support about this, but that was last year and all I got as an answer was "we're working on it".
But at least it's been aknowledged by the devs that this is an issue... but now the devs are different so maybe they forgot ? ^^
Beam weapons are supposed to auto aim, I wish it just wouldn't lag like you explained, but normal guns shouldn't auto-aim, and switching it off in the settings does nothing.

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I'm having a slightly different issue. The market is failing to load any kind of preview tiles.

After reading this post, I'm too concerned to get my wallet out in case something goes wrong..

Yeah I have that too, don't know if its always like that.
I think it started happening after the latest patch

Huch falscher account ^^

Huch falscher account ^^

I like the changes in general and agree with most things OP said.
Just adding my thoughts here about some of the changes.

About Offensive Lockdown, its still useless because of the self drain making your ship too easy a target.
After this patch the tier differences are only in cooldown wich seems weird to me.

Storm missiles were a little too strong, they should still be a great choice for destroyers after this nerf. The short burst makes them easy to be boosted via module amper.
I just think it looks cooler if more missiles come out so they should've reduced damage instead

Triad Pods: I sure hope those missing number don't mean anything bad. Maybe they finally become more useful now. I always wanted to do a "autofiring" dreadnought build with just interceptors/bombers and all that stuff.

rapid fire on artys: I actually think this is good. Too easy to kill unsuspecting targets with weapon amped rapid fired shots.
BTW, arty's loose about 10/15% energy just for activating weapon amp. Why?

What was wrong with the T5 version? Never played it

Tsunamiatunzen1#1349 posted (#post-233980) said:
The worst part about this is that the pods have more health than an assault ship

I think i'm fine with them having a lot more HP as they do now, but only on the condititon that they fix their hitboxes, maybe increase their size in general too because a lot of players that dont know about pods tend to ignore them.
If they fix the hitboxes now and don't change the hitpoints they are probably gonna be pretty useless/too easy to kill.

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Ich benutze Dreadnought schon lange und bisher immer mit dem Greybox launcher. Aber seit 3 Wochen kann ich nicht mehr spielen, dar Der Launcher keine Verbindung zu GreyBox herstellen kann. Weis jemand, was ich tun kan?

Dreadnought geht nur noch per Steam

So wie die Fehlermeldung klingt könntes an deinem Virenprogramm liegen oder so, einfach mal kurz abschalten und testen obs geht
Ich rate auch dazu mal eine komplette de-installation zu machen, am besten auch mit cache/registry löschen und dann neu zu installieren.

Bei mir ging dreadnought komischerweise auf steam obwohl ich das Originale noch installiert hatte