There is no problem for now. Thank you for support.

I came from similar project "Star Conflict" because i hate pay-to-win. And i hate GRIND.

and my opinion - i prefer to pay month payment for full content


should be free account with limited content(without grind). For example special side of lore or special force like "zerlings".

I see that you are going to stop servers soon. May be that is the point.

I will try pair days later smile

That is pity but when i trying to start launcher as administrator the same popup window appear.

I have loaded the launcher the firs time.

That is my first attempt to start the game.

After the downloading launcher just click to install.

Installation process was done succesfully but when i tried to start the game

i see small popup window with text "Host_ElevationFail".

So , what is wrong?

My platform that is win 7 + SP1 64 bit that is just PC.

RAM = 4G