Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-216603) said:

Did you contact support? Nice necro btw.

Absolutely. I remember it being a long (and unsuccessful) series of trial-and-errors that led nowhere. The person at the other end was nice enough, but at some point, I decided to move on. I was hoping the issue would have been resolved by now, but sadly, nope.

Here's a bit of back story: I had originally created an account after seeing an ad, then realized the game wasn't on Mac, so I deleted my account. Then I saw that it was on PS4, so I created ANOTHER account (which isn't the one attached to my PS4), but for some reason, now the game just goes STRAIGHT to an error message about the servers, doesn't ask me to enter an account or anything.

It's all very weird and unfortunatel

Tried (for weeks) in December, never could connect. Just tried again, on a lark, still unable to connect. This, folks, is how you lose paying customers.

Nothing, huh?

New user on ps4. Servers are always down. Any fixes coming?