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Ive listed them over multiple threads, but if you want me to again...

No, I don't. Honestly I have grown tired of the over-simplified doom and gloom rhetoric and had to ask.

I dont want the servers to shut down but I think its inevitable and coming sooner rather than later. A few months ago there was a thread straight up asking the devs the state of the game. No response. We rarely see them post on here anymore. Its hard to positive when all sign point to the game shutting down.

So you're intent is to convince me to quit now and spare myself the pain of a total server shutdown. That's the message I'm getting. I mean, if you wanna keep beating that dead-game drum, I can't stop you but I will continue to have hope. And if we're confident the game will shut down we should embrace this future so we can move forward. What is keeping us around???

Try an exercise in positivity... just think of something good and share it with everyone. e.g. The fact that the player base isn't getting any smaller is reassuring. The longer the squad stomp is away the safer new players will want to stick around. How about, that "botched" steam release was 8 months ago?

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yeah, its a sad state. i really enjoy playing but matches are getting harder to come by. i just tried to do a legendary match but after 10+ min of queue time i gave up :/ Greybox could have made the game great, but instead they did all the wrong things and drove players away. im just waiting for the tweet where they announce the servers are shutting down sadly. im really going to miss my black and gold colored t5 ships since they look so awesome.

my only issue with gameplay is the healers. they still have too much influence and heal faster than a ship can do damage. one on one you have little chance of winning.

It's in a better state.... the lack of squad stomping allows for better matches from the broken ranking/matchmaking system.

When you say Greybox "did all the wrong things" you cast a big shadow but you don't go into detail and now you wait for servers to shut down? What is the intent of this comment? Can we slow this doom and gloom train down a little please? I know you have a right to show your discontent but I see many comments like this strewn throughout the forums and can put a sour taste in people's mouths. If you truly care about this game and want it to succeed you will see there is plenty of room for positivity.

Oh the melodrama.... scrap what you think you know. None of us would be here if we didn't appreciate this game for some reason. Attempting to draw sentiment is useless and is a clear indicator of impatience. Constructive input is the tiny level of control you have over this game and is frustrating at times but it's something one must come to accept.

Let me just preface the remainder of this post by saying I think that in a team based game such as this, squadding is the best way to experience it and will make for a stronger overall community.

That being said....

We've got a rank cap of 50 with a lot of us well into the 100s, 200s, 300s+ in virtual rank who know each other on discord and organize in a squad where the matchmaking system pairs them up with another squad (which could be just actual level 50 players) and creates a massive differential in not only ships and their modules, but officer briefings, map knowledge, and tactics as well.

This is the main reason for the imbalance solo, mostly newer, players face today. They have no built-in ability to coordinate their efforts aside from quick commands or stopping to type something in the chat box. The development team has yet to address this. Dreadnought partners are encouraged to squad up and suggest that it is what I should be doing along with seeking out 3rd party software in order to communicate via voice. I find it very disconcerting they are the champions of the game yet they are exploiting this weakness in matchmaking. The motivation to win as a team will always be there but when one is suffocated from scoring or finding any fun at all it will dissipate.


Throw those with very little motivation to continue the grind a bone. The idea to give solo players that bump is the least that can be done right now.

Sorry if I've missed a webcast or an article covering this but does matchmaking, when calculating balance, still treat a squad as one player?

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best defence is to have a tac with ruptur/stasis beam, heal pod, blast pulse and energy gen. Even then it's all down to if they get disrupter range first.

When one's best isn't good enough.

I only use this on ships with lower armor. At 25% the opponent has even more weaponry coming at me to ensure I die so when this kicks in it's a flash before I can access anything it provides.

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We are releasing a hotfix tomorrow that addresses much of the critical player feedback we have seen regarding our most recent update including: reducing Legendary Battle Bonus costs, Rupture Ram damage, restoring the loadout tooltip from Orbit and Respawn screens, and giving Tartarus Missile its pre-patch effects (accidentally applied Rupture).

The team is still investigating 'Vettes Armor Amp and other gameplay inconsistencies based on player feedback and will be making further updates to address these areas. We thought it best to put out what we can in a timely fashion and continue to make improvements as they are available, rather than delay to fix everything at once.

Corvette armor amp is the biggest enchilada on the plate. Not only is it crazy to give a vette enough time to "order a pizza" but if they can tap into desperate measures they can make a stop at the liquor store too. It's the equivalent of giving a dreadnought a 30k blast pulse with 1k range.... (I'm trying to illustrate the juxtaposition of crossing modules between dreadnoughts and corvettes)

Thank you for this thoughtful, well written dissertation. I agree with all of the contents completely. Let us hope your suggested actions or others like them are taken to maintain balance.

The battle bonus timer drecreases the player pool because some people will wait for the timer to expire. Other than that I can't really tell the difference because GRIND