VirtualRiot#3785 posted (#post-279496) said:

If I was the devs, I would be focusing on keeping existing players interested.

Yeah, but we're not spending any money so that's not gonna work. Besides, it's us who are scaring off the newer players anyways. A clean wipe would be the best thing.

Nice bargain for some DLC on Steam this week. If you were on the fence about getting some, this is a nice opportunity.

Was it ever alive?

On topic, the credit boost is real. I am seeing a lot of old faces coming out to blow my ship up.

The range is the only thing I like about them.

This is just awful... My ships will level up faster and I will be more motivated to play. Can life get any worse?

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279395) said:

Too bad not for us PS4 players...

Let us all take a moment to remember the PS4 players.

Vascilios#9709 posted (#post-279396) said:

This is weak.
It is laughable.
I wish I was wrong.

The real question is... where do we go from here?

Lead us to salvation

I love how these updates stir up the positive side of the Dreadnought community. I love you guys!

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Vascilios#9709 posted (#post-279382) said:

What is your source? Where do you get your information from?

Hello. My source is verified, but I've been asked not to tell much details about it to the person who isn't positive

Anyway, here's surprise I've been talking about!


This will help the minnows feel like they can get better against the big fish.

On a side note, I've noticed a base-male emotional reaction pattern being portrayed by many. This involves emotional attachment and the desire to fight it when it becomes painful to bear i.e. when one feels let down and tries to extinguish the source of the pain instead of nurturing it. I don't have time to arbitrarily stop and wait for a game's successor. Maybe I'll play something else... maybe I'll try and be the change.... but I won't come around with my drum advocating a mass exodus to seal the deal.