The speculation based on what we don't know is how religions get started.

Since we're worried about finance perhaps the tax-free exemption will entice us.

I wasn't aware this existed. Skyraider, what are your thoughts?

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I don't think rewarding people to queue solo is a good way to go about. We're punishing people who want to form communities. This is a balance issue in my mind - which due to it's small sample size is quite problematic.

I'd sugguest making the AI weaker via classes chosen. More AI corvettes, Snipers, and less AI support classes.

I think that squadding up is great for community building and nothing would bring me greater satisfaction than being on the same team as my buddies. But the current community we have is full of 2-3 year veterans who know this game inside-out. In order to break up the imbalance that matchmaking creates there needs to be something to benefit those who have yet or desire not to join an organization. Without the desired playerbase squads will continue to yield lopsided matches leaving very few happy. And if you think you're going to tell me this isn't how it works, don't waste our time.

fun > wins

With a low rate of fire and a low yeild I think making rocket turrets into target-locking missle turrets would make this secondary weapon viable. If that means a reduction in clip/reload time I can understand.

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To be fair, Kyle was the PR guy, so maybe we're experiencing a transitional phase.

Given the abruptness of the livestream cancellation (which they promoted that very morning) I dont think it was transitional.

A transition is a transition.

To be fair, Kyle was the PR guy, so maybe we're experiencing a transitional phase.

Does anyone know if the team has considered this idea yet? I'm getting throttled by squads again so I have opted to use proving grounds to earn credits.

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I got the Hanuman via a twitch drop but sadly i dont think theyre coming back :/ And I believe the correct term is corvettenoughts

At least the "game play has been good!"

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Games have been going good. Alot of Good close games in TDM/Onslaught(within 10% of win goals). Conquest can be the most lopsided, but still good. Less bad matchups (i dont see squads dominating). Less lopsided games (maybe 1 every 4 games). Veteran Games are good. Legendary Games see a mix of IV and V.

The plague of vettesdreads seems to be gone. Scrambler Spam seems to be under control.
The only ship that seems to be being played alot, are Dreadnoughts!

Sometimes the que time are 3-5 mintues between midnight and 2am (Central).

Would like to see a CREDIT sale,
Maybe a WELFARE WEDNESDAY? Double Credit night!
Or Put Credits on sale for 50% off to encourage the $$$ of in game credits.

Those are some good ideas. I'm still hoping for more Twitch drops (I swear I'm gonna get that Hanuman) but any perk is a perk.

Also I look forward to the next round of bug patches.

PS - I think we're calling the the vettesdreads "tankvettes"

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You said i made a statement then gave no points to back it up so i did. Im not trying to convince you to do anything and at no point have i told people to stop playing. my point was the game could have been successful but missteps caused it not to be. the writing is on the wall to me and a lot of other people the game is, unfortunately, not going to be around much longer. im not happy about that because i enjoy it and theyve done some really good things, but it is what it is.

I understand... but sometimes being helpful is better than being right.