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Was the second challenge met?

Yes, will be rewarded on Friday (as per the French community manager).

Nice. Thanks for the info

I know I'm shameless, but this was my suggestion... and yes, you're welcome

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Anti-Vindicta Tactics for the Vigo include sitting behind your team (up high is a plus if you're not getting shot at) and countering any approaching Vindicta's with Stasis Ammo - watch enemy Vindictas fume as they sit Stasis'd.

Yes, you like doing that don't you Lando -.-

Thank you for indirectly choosing my Vigo's next module.

I'm looking forward to PC controller support. Then we will see the rise of corvettes, I'm certain.

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a command ship that undergunned is asking for trouble. may as well call it the jutland command ship

Perhaps a new game mode is in order... attack the Jutland! Keep the good ideas coming.

Also, the command ship is such an easy kill that one is better off plucking that cherry as soon as possible less the futile effort of trying to keep one in the game.

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  1. do artys cover the same area as destroyers with same firing distance?, tier 3 arty covers even more?

I think giving tier 3 a boost here will benefit the game. Either way I'm looking forard to seeing this in action.

Thanks team

I have to say:

This Blud's for you

all apologies


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blah blah blah


This game is not "amazing". It is the only multiplayer game you get to play with large spaceships. In terms of graphics, the user interface, controls, tech tree, skills, progress quests, this game is absoultely not amazing by any means. It uses the same system like world of warships and starconflict but with poorer quality.

It is incredibly easy to see how healers are completely overpowered, imbalanced and completely wreck the game. It is not a whiner talk, its plain to see. I would much rather see it completely removed from the game. The fact that healers in this state is even in the game tells much about the developer's design skills. How many years has this game been in development and its still in beta? you kidding me? I like spaceship battles games, I dont mind people advocating it but I dont like to see people making complete bs.

Perhaps the real whiner here is you.

There is no need to make a personal attack here. Constructive criticism should always be welcome. Also be patient with the developers as there is much involved with the creation and maintenance of a video game.

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Most importantly healing teaches you situational awareness, and mini-map awareness. Some of the most critical skills in PvP.


Playing the game teaches you this. It just depends on how fast you pick it up. One class will not teach it faster than another.

I must disagree with you on the "one class" part of your post. I, for one, did not learn as much playing other ships as I did the oberon tactical line. I can assure you many of us stuck with ships that made us successful so we could level up our fleet and expand into other classes. I can't imagine someone choosing round-robin style match after match but I'm sure there are a few who do!

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Basically what this translates to is that I need to be the most OP ship in the game for me to enjoy and learn it. If i dont have the most OP ship in the game Im not going to be playing the game.

Healers in this game is beyond ridiculous, you will not find another game with any bs healers remotely close to this. The game is will be much better without them.

Please dont just blindly follow the standard formula for any MOBA with dps, tank, support/healers.

Please don't misinterperet my post. What we are dealing with is players with many different skill levels and style of play. On top of that there are many types and levels of ships that as you've so astutely pointed out can be used in combination for different effects. I was not suggesting that enjoyment begins when one jumps in the potato with adrenaline shot and clings to a dreadnought. Please don't apply casual reductionism as it is not a legitimate argument. I continue to use the Oberon tactical cruiser, the Aion, and I am usually by my lonesome out there setting up my pods and often rushing lone ships when the opportunity arises. Naturally if other ships want to see the logic in my efforts they jump in for the ride and I'm more than happy to help them. This is no blindness as we all have to play the way we enjoy or feel the most successful with. I don't know what a MOBA is and don't play a wide variety of games (I don't even use discord). While I understand you want to win and I have no idea what tactics you are using at this point to do so, I can't understand why you would choose to slam something that allows a higher player pool and gives people a challenge to work on. I can understand the heal-stacking for the potato can be quite a challenge and would benefit from a "nerfed" graduated application, to say the game is better without tactical cruisers is very narrow-sighted.