I think they should switch to a big long range one shot heavy cannon. Something accurate that can make an enemy suffer attrition enough to die if they don't take action after a couple of clips or easily get out of the way - similar to the Voronezh but with one big bullet - let's say 1k per round with a moderate firing rate.

When I started playing, during the recruit stages, there wasn't a large disparity between the ships and their modules. Upon entering veteran, my tier 3 ships were very underpowered and didn't give me a good opportunity to learn the game e.g. the good places in the maps to stage tactics and how all these ships and their modules fit together. Bring in the Oberon Ceres. Not only was I able to protect ships around me, but I could also manage my energy and stay alive long enough to feel moderately successful and learn about the different modules I was using and those being used against me. Instead of dying right away I had time to absorb and learn the game and level up a few other ships in the process so that they could be playable too. Without this ship I am not sure I would still be playing the game today.

I have voices turned off because they are redundant. Thrusters? Yeah, i just pushed F1... If a player could make it so a module would turn on at a given instance e.g. armor amp when one's HP goes below a third and an officer's voice were to announce that I would like this notification. The real voice I want to hear is my teammate's when they see a vindicta cruising around the back rim near me.

Custom animation makes sense as well.

I would like a polynesian face tattoo.

While I disagree with changing beam colors, the ability to change running light colors on the ship would be nice.