Same issue today with audio crackling in combat, fine in menus

It makes sense the way it is. We start with the generalized version of each class unlocked. The specialised ones are latter unlocks for once you have a grasp of how to play. First tac has heal and damage, latter ones do one or the other. First corvette is medium speed/armor, latter ones go all in one or the other. Etc.

Plus you say you are fine with modules being unlocked but the exact same reasoning you gave for modules being ok makes the ships ok as well. They are mostly just options for different playstyles rather than upgrades.

I think I'd like a throttle rather than cruise control. Since we don't have analog movement give us an incremental throttle option with a full stop/reverse buttons

My problem is that sometimes the W seems to just stop working. I thought I was being tractored or something until I finally started getting tractored and realized the effect associated with it. It happens often when in a corvette and quickly turning/diving/forward all at the same time and it just shuts off forward momentum. Almost always gets me killed too since corvette not moving is dead

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Beams are good at taking down shields....repeaters do some minor damage through shields. I personally don't use the beams.

I think corvettes are a little OP, but only because battles are too quick....all ships should take 10x the time to kill so that things like flying right matters.

As it stands right now, 9 times out of 10, if I can sneak up behind someone, regardless of what ship they have, I can destroy them. I cloak until about 2-3K of them, then I activate damage amplifier along with afterburner, then I just shoot them with main weapons and rockets. Usually I kill them before the rockets even reach them. If I want to kill them quicker, I get right up on them so the rockets guaranteed to hit. Then when they start shooting back, I activate shields. If I might die before killing them, I'll just boost and cloak. Most of the time I can get away.

I think the main problem of imbalance is the size/speed of the ships. Here you have a tiny ship that can obliterate a giant slow moving ship in a few seconds, and it's not really easy to stop a corvette from getting close.

I don't even want to play corvette, I'd much rather be playing a sniper. But it helps me level up quicker, so I play it....and I also need it to counter other corvettes.

I'm confused how you are using damage amp AND cloak when they are both slot 1 modules. What rockets does your corvette have? Why are you hitting Afterburner before you shoot? That would minimize your ability to damage them fully. It makes it hard to understand why someone feels the way they do when they use terms or say things that aren't really how it is.

Corvettes are quite amazing against average players because people tend to be slow at figuring out how to counter them. Once people figure that out Corvettes become very difficult to do well with.

I wish the healing was more burst than continuous. I think the fact that the heal beam can pretty much always be up is part of the problem.

It gets hard countered quite well. The only problem with Corvettes is the same problem with stealth in any game, they obliterate people who don't know how to deal with them and die too easily to those that do. Very hard to balance.

Right now they are on the verge of OP against new players or those who have no situational awareness and they are quite UP against people who can see them while cloaked or always watch their back, bring tractor beams, aoes, etc.

that's normal depending on the ship, when it happens you'll see a cursor for where you are looking and a separate crosshair for the maximum traversal of the guns themselves.

I had access 2 days in advance. It might be down right now, but I still had access 2 days in advance. Entitlement with regards to betas is getting really old, but it is bound to happen with every game.

because exaggerating always helps make a point.