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"Dashboard" tab next to "Market"

Thank you!

My Jutland is renamed Dauntless, taken from the ship name used in Jay Allan's "Blood on the Stars" series.

Awesome books btw, highly recommend!

Slightly off topic, can one of you tell me how to pull up my player stats as shown on the first page?

I will just chill while waiting for the "Harwich is OP" thread to arrive (again)... smile

Neither! Go Harwich! smile

(But on a serious note, if getting started I would say go with the Aion line)

Retaliator gives a boost, but only if they get through.

Rewind to Interceptors being akin to nats with regard to the damage which they can sustain.

Some mild adjustments (nerfs) to the T2 Corvette would alleviate so much of this talk about "Toxic, Cancerous, OP, Quitting due to, etc., etc.

By T3 players have the tools (and hopefully have learned) to deal with vettes.

By T4 vettes do not hold sway over the game at all, and more often have to hunt the map for T2/T3 or badly damaged ships or engage in dogfights with their opposing vettes.

When using my Harwich I drop the Tesla pod as you can see their flight path on the minimap.

If they happen to come while this is in cooldown or I am caught distracted (oh my!) turrets drop them quickly as well.

As stated above, just about any pulse of any type downs them too.

Hardly OP or in need of nerf status if you are aware of them and awake to the threat they pose.

When hit by disruptor the scrubber becomes unavailable.

Not quite sure if the T4's shields block the disruptor effect, but yours should save you from most of the blast pulses.

Yep, still quite possible to do. Sometimes funny, sometimes players rage over it.

(even more funny)

T4 healers coming in the top 3 (or even 4) is typical enough if they are good at their job.

Tacs in top 2 spots usually means the remainder of the team is slightly dysfunctional.