I just came back to the forum to see if anything has improved.

Back then was a fair bit of hype around the game, but after the "WoT in Space" update hit it faded away incredibly fast, to the point that I didn't even remembered this game exists.

Told the devs back then and now: the WoT tier scheme is a lazy monetization scheme and a bust to be blunt; it creates more problems than FUN to the player. Tiers are bad and fragment the community and makes the game a threadmill. You can't make a ranked mode with this.

If I came around today to the forum to check what's up it's because I did had some serious fun before the Tiers update and thought the game had future. Sad to see it die young.

Not being pessimistic or hyperbole here, can't be more open about it to see if the devs actually read these posts:

Tiers plain F-U-Cking suck.

Tier system = P2W


Got back into this after awhile to see if the tier system/grind has changed

So sad it hasn't. The game I played before had potential to be something.

We've actually been taking the feedback we receive here and making sure the rest of the teams are aware of it. I'm sorry that you feel that we're "discouraging good feedback". The "broken systems" were recently implemented as of the Shipyard Update and are nowhere near final. Which is why we're ensuring that the feedback we hear from the community is passed on. Sure, there were some changes made to Dreadnought that some people may not favor. We understand and appreciate the feedback and patience you've all given us. Being in a Closed Beta, the Shipyard Update was the largest piece of content Dreadnought has received yet. We know it's not perfect, we know it's not refined, but we want to get it as close as we can. Which does require a lot of the communities feedback and input. The matchmaking adjustments and ship cost deductions are just a few shining examples. But there are a lot of game changers, balance adjustments, and fixes we should see in the near future. It's just going to take some time, as well as some bumps, to get Dreadnought where it feels best.

So you won't ditch the Tier grind and power creep, then?

Don't you get that it's inherently bad and it's going to kill the game unless you get RID of the Power Creep?

There's no balancing around. You have to redo the entire thing. It's sucks but it is how it is.

Other games already are a past experience and all of them are DEAD because of it.

It's been awhile and no announcements have been made

Are the devs waiting for people to get tired and go away or accept the grind?

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Seems a lot of players left with last patch

What's so bad about last patch?

There was no insane grind. there werent tiers. You bought a ship and that was it. The ships you're playing with at "tier 1" were options for a single ship you bought, like a champion in LoL. They took the ships, split them in 5, and sold them separately to inflate your game time without any actual content.

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Well I see the devs went full apeshit on this game... pity, it had potential.

This... is actually sad. I remember watching the trailers and thought "hey that was pretty cool". Then saw some gameplay and the interest plummeted because it was using the default everything from Unreal Engine editor, even the generic fonts, and looked like a standard shooter mod, but slower. Eh, dismissed it for other games until the Beta Invite.

I liked it quite a bit and wanted to believe I was wrong. Invited a few friends. Now I won't tell them what happened.

It's sad because you find lots and lots of games without any chance whatsoever in becoming great, and when you see one that clicks with you, and then falls down is even worse.

Some things are black and white. There are obviously good decisions, like rolling back progression 2.0 or providing a working alternative asap. There are obviously bad decisions, like continuing to "tweak" and "modify" the current concept in spite of it being very clearly flawed at its core.

Sometimes I also get tired of being politically correct, but yes, I believe Tiering is flawed to the core, and no amount of "slight tweaking" can fix a flaw like that.

If by tweaking they mean "redo" completely then yes.

And you know the funny part? FRACTURED SPACE, the game that is essentially the released version of Dreadnought with more objectives already had something similar and THEY DITCHED IT because NO ONE WANTED TO GRIND THROUGH THE SHIPS.

Dreadnought is the same story only 10 times worse because it's a powercreep on top of the grind.

I said it on another thread, but this is important. League of Legends, which is undisputably the most sucessful F2P game right now, was absolute horse s*hit in its humble beginnings.

It was ugly, unbalanced, ran like a*ss, and still suffers from having random thematics thrown into a blender. The only redeeming quality of said game was that It took from DOTA the already addictive game mode, added the skillshots, and it was free.

That's it. It was free, a revolutionary concept for some even though it's been around for even longer. But the REAL success is that they truly improved the game almost from the ground up in the coming years.

It has a serious spaghetti code issue that devs have acknowledge and created a barrier to implement more interesting things. They still keep on trying to fix whatever they can from the source, but you know, not even the greatest amount of money can fix some legacy issues. Still, the visuals got improved, the "lore" got redone, the characters each one have passed 2, 3 or even 4 reworks, some even from the ground up as I said. The cient has been steadily refined and the core game mode has suffered serious additions AND removals of features to try and hit the sweet spot for the community.

As a first season and second season player I can see how a really a*ss concept rewrote itself as many times no matter what and became what it is now. If Heroes of Newerth was the free game first back then, the story would have been completely different maybe, as it was (and still is in some ways) superior to LoL by hundreds of miles.

All of this because Riot Games does listen to their fans, believe it or not. Just... not the clueless ones. They read between lines.

PS: Flash is still in game. At least they nerfed it one day. That means SOMEONE slapped the designers in the wrist.

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Listen to this guy!

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Progression or SENSE of progression is a good thing indeed. It keeps people wondering about the next step they will take, and keeps the base game fresh.

But it's not about writing the whole book again. Many F2P games have already tried and stumbled and reworked and succeded or failed in the many years of the F2P model becoming an attractive business.


Gameplay variations through grinding

Selling cosmetics for real money

No paid advantages whatsoever, never ever, in any form

Balanced gameplay to funnel into competitive Ranked modes

Rewards for loyal customers

Rewards for "invite a friend" programs

Constant updates, big or small

Developer Feedback, constantly

Staying true to the fantasy that the product uses to draw people in

Optimized engine to reach many system specs (sadly sometimes even if I like things pretty)


Pay to win/ real money advantages

Linear Tier systems on powercreeping

Isolating the community through enforced queues (tiers)

Balance issues

No interest in competitiveness or Ranked Modes at some point

Monthly Fees, that was a one trick pony and the market shifted now

Devs not involving themselves in the growing communities or clans that emerge

Demanding system specs/unoptimized engine

To be quite honest and real, not even League of Legends was good in their humble beginnings. The game was a mess but did many things right and improve itself from being a really ugly game, whose only redeeming quality was "kinda fun"and "free" into the most played F2P game now.

Thank you, at least someone is reading smile