Been playing some more and yes, the Valcour has a puny armor that makes all their players almost free kills after awhile.

I've thought about it, and this is inherently true: how could you do a tiny ship menacing enough to a Dreadnought and other classes if it doesn't dish a scary alpha?

I guess "assassin" types of ships are ok and do change the pace of the game. A good Valcour stalks and makes the big tanks worry about getting flanked, awhile the enemy destroyers can spearhead.

If this wasn't the case, no team would break formation in any given time, making the game a stale siege peekaboo thing.

I think they're even NECESSARY for the game itself. Although the feeling of getting thrashed by them is confusing in ambience and fantasy of the game.

I would like a dedicated saboteur of sorts, or an interdictor, that doesn't necessarily outmatches the Destroyer class and Dreadnought class big guns. Something that attacks from another angle, and not in a DPS race.

I just played 3 matches and found in every one of them Valcour players destroying in seconds the "Dreadnoughts" and darting away with ease.

Since i'm starting the game, my first impressions aren't good at all.

Tried it myself and the alpha damage it's ridiculous.

I came to play a positioning game with hulking spaceships, and got a slower Star Fox.