It might be melodramatic, but the fact remains - even after beta, every patch this company creates makes the game worse than it was prior to the patch. In other words, even now, they have no idea what the word 'patch' or 'update' means. Patches and updates are supposed to make games better, not worse. This company has ruined this game with 'patches'. To make this game good again, they have to roll back the patches to more than a year ago - when every feature this game had was still fully functional, including the elimination mode.

I still check on the progress of the sinking of the dreadnought -
Checked out that dreadnought rumor 2019 video - that was quite interesting, and it confirms that dreadnought is definitely going to be shut down for very good reasons.

Still - 2.9 mill $ down the drain - that's pretty amazing. I'm sure a significant part of the money went towards the development team, so at least some people had jobs for a few years. Were they good at their jobs? Did they deserve to get paid for those few years? That's a different story altogether, though I'd argue the team and the direction of the development was good for a year or 2 until things went completely haywire - (coincidently, that's when brother Belial appeared making apologies on behalf of the corporation at every step - haha).

All in all, I can only hope other game developers will learn from the mistakes of this company. Then again, we are seeing some major problems with AAA game developers as well - and it's possible that we might see much bigger bankrupcies down the road in the game industry - but it's all for the best, because once a company becomes driven strictly by greed and ignores the consumer's needs/complaints, it deserves to go down in flames. I'm confident that better companies will emerge out of this giant mess.

They have brother belial locking up all of the threads critical of the devs - that's the extent of their current communications

Finally, they are shutting down. It's about time. Once again, I hope this will serve as a good reminder to other studios - get your stuff together.

I'm sad that Telltale got shut down, but I'm happy with the immenent shutdown of this company. To be fair, both companies deserve shut down due to mismanagement of the funds and resources. Furthermore, given how this game was developed - with each update creating more bugs than fixes - this company deserves to be bankrupt more than any other.
It's surreal to think that early builts of this game were way superior to the product they have now - but that's the reality.

Patrazor#2302 posted (#post-222709) said:

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-222706) said:

Nope! We were never dead on either platform, nowhere close. Honestly, it all really depends on the fleet you're using and the game type you're searching. On PS4 it makes sense that it's easier to find Recruit and Veteran matches more frequently. Some folks are still working towards Legendary which is just going to take them some more time. If the wait ever feels longer than usual, I would try mixing it up a bit.

Would you guys mind introducing some sort of 'Any Fleet' option for Team Elimination? I'm sure most people who want to queue TE just want to play the mode instead of increasing the XP or credits so most I think wouldn't mind playing a recruit match there e.g.. The mode is hardly ever played but it's a fun mode and has achievements and I think it would be easier to find matches that way there. Not everyone is social online and can organise parties or events where they can get enough players together to get a match going.

You gotto find another game - cause these developers broke TE during one of the updates and don't know how to fix it (on PC, anyways).

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-222585) said:

Yet I can get a game in seconds at peak times........

That's because you are playing with bots.

By the way, didn't you uninstall this game a month ago?

I'm saying that just based on the activity on the forum - even the spammers stopped spamming realizing how few views they are getting.

I for one am glad - people have spoken, developers didn't listen, people acted. Let this be a lesson to any and all other developers out there.


There is no backstory.

But you buy one of the overpriced Hero ships, you'll get the backstory on how they got their paintjob - which is quite hilarious.

Team Elimination has been deactivated centuries ago.

It only looks as if it's still a part of the game, but devs have taken it offline for the PC.