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I think the reasons to quit the game have grown exponentially with this latest update.

Wouldn't say that the only issues I have are -

1. Base score is now utter garbage

2. BB system will end up flooding recruit games with experienced players

If and T5 battles were before nearly non-existent, now they are officially dead due to the 45 min. BR reset for the legendary mode.

I think the reasons to quit the game have grown exponentially with this latest update.

The game has been upgraded to the non-playable status. Carry on, folks smile

So I played under this new system a few games and here's what I can tell so far. You reset 'battle ready' BR status in vet mode in 25 minutes, BUT in legendary it's 45 minutes. And there's no reset for recruit matches.

What conclusions can I draw from this? Essentially, you are not just trying to encourage people to switch fleets, but rather, you are encouraging people NOT to fly in legendary mode, where people actually know what they are doing.

There's a good reason why most vets do not fly in recruit matches - and that's because they don't want to deal with newcomers who don't know a thing about basic strategy and team work. Yet, you are encouraging those vets NOT to fly in the game mode where people know what they are doing and where everything is akin to chess-like strategy rather than the prominent doom-like gameplay that's common in the recruit mode.

This is a mistake. A very dumb mistake, in my opinion.


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I am not sure, but i cannot remember having proximity mines available for my T1 to T3 ships. I think, one of the main Problems with Corvettes is, that all other ships do not have Access to most of the required countermeasures in the Tiers below T4... but they have to deal wtih Corvettes too.

I also have the Feeling, that the most complaints come from those mentioned lower Tiers.

Yep - when flying against a t4 fleet, I tend to stay away from using a corvette. The OP t4 corvette is quickly turned into a feeder fodder with any well equipped t4 ship. Against t2s and t3s though? T4 corvette is awesome.

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This is such nonsense. I got to teir 4 in less than a week without elite status 2x exp. You should be getting around 2k exp per game if you play halfway decent. If you play healer, around 4k. If you're a good healer and carry offensive modules as well, you can really rack up the points. Most I've got before was 13k EXP with the Aion.

Maybe not every game, right? Team Elimination, yes. Onslaught? I'm thinking probably notsmile

The game does get tough at certain stages - especially when you get a new Tier ship. A fully upgraded T3 ship is much better than a new T3 ship - and the grind to get to those upgrades can be rough.

I don't know if I agree with the whole grind bit - is it really necessary? But then, I guess it gives players an incentive to play? I'm sure there's psychology that plays a big role in all this - much like it does in most RPGs. Then again, I've upgraded most of my t4 ships, and if the eternal level up is the reason why people play, you'd think that I'd lose interest, yet I still enjoy playing - as it's becoming more like a game of chess (where certain modules counter enemy modules and certain ships counter enemy ships more effectively - so it all then becomes about strategy and figuring out the best fit for your ships).

Indeed, it's this chess-like mechanic that you get to play with when you have 4 or 5 fully upgraded T4 ships is where the game really shines. I'm certain that many people quit because they never get to experience it due to the eternal grind.

The eternal grind is also the reason why T5 battles are nearly non-existent.

There was a time when this game had a 'bug' - ships were awarded credits and points of the ships ranked below you - you'd usually get 5K credits per each game if you were the top player. That made the grind seem less significant - then they 'fixed' that and the grind was back in it's full glory. Little did the developers know that the 'bug' was actually a feature - and they removed it.

Perhaps one day they'll wake up and change the system?

We shall see.

I took a look at the basics of this system. I'd say it encourages people to form pretty formidable squads - as the odds of winning go up then. Otherwise, I don't see myself turning on battle bonus when playing solo - as I suspect I'd be paired up with some weak teams.

Having said that, I never had an issue with maintenance - it's fairly easy to stay in top 3 in losing team. Then again, I've already upgraded most of the ships I needed, so I guess this is done to meet the concerns of the lower skilled players - or those who end up in legendary battles with Tier 2 ships.