Err... mark my words. Developers will go bankrupt prior to any sort of endgame development.
They've already gone bankrupt once - this is just history repeating itself.

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GreyWolf#5751 posted (#post-203754) said:

Anyhow, the grind is growing and I do get tired of seeing video games trend towards this rather than enhancing outward growth (expansion of ship selection and modifications rather than a more linear ship to ship path).

No way! Developers said the latest update would make the game less grindy!

Ask Brother Belial for more details

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Our teams are going to look into this issue in hopes of finding out what the issue is and fixing it. We appreciate the heads up!

The heads up? Are you being serious? The in-game chat has been broken for many, many months now - When I uninstalled, it worked only 30% of the time.

Although I've stopped playing months ago, I imagine the friends being shown as being offline while they are being online (50% of the time) hasn't been fixed either.

Haha - funny.

The thing is, before, you could unlock only the modules which were necessary for the ship upgrade (around 60% of the modules), buy only the modules you really wanted and end up upgrading the ship much faster (with that strategic thinking in mind). Now, however, you have to buy ALL modules with slightly cheaper cost of the ship attached to them.

I think you've definitely nailed the miserable part.

Basically, to keep the pace of upgrade at the same level as before (yep, the exact same duration of grinding), you can make it mandotary to buy all modules, but you also need to remove the cost of the ship/exp you've added to each modules, because now the grind is doubled for the strategic players (the ones who weren't complaining about grinding before because they weren't buying ALL of the modules).

Oh - and if you want to also DECREASE the grind, I suggest not only removing the ship cost you've added to the module costs, but to also to DECREASE THE ORIGINAL cost (credits and exp) of the modules.

Anyways, from what I gather, even your engineers have now left the game - haha

I really do find all of this hillarious

You are obviously new. The developers of this game have been ignoring most of the constructive criticism and focusing on their own thing, regardless of how vocal their fans were. Anyways, the vast majority of players have left a long time ago due to a neverending barrage of broken promises and extremely buggy updates/fixes. Based on how the current updates are proceeding - developers haven't changed their tactics - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed in how they communicate with the community and how they develop this game.

I think some of you folks are new to this game. The history of the updates in this game were always the same. Lots of hype and promises from the developers, and then a sudden realization that they've actually made things worse.

Now imagine going through the same cycle 6 times. Most people have learned their lesson and left the game a long time ago.

I keep checking up on the development progress and contunually find it hillarious - It's like one gigantic neverending joke on the players who keep hoping that for once, this company will actually stick to its promises and release an actual fix or a real update. You don't release a fix which fixes one thing and breaks 4 others - but that's been the case nearly every single time with the dreadnought dev team.

Speaking of the grind fest - I remember the day they removed maintanence. They were saying it made the game hard for noobies and made the game too grindy. When the maintanence removal patch kicked in, it came with a rewamped reward system, basically halving all of the ingame rewards, doubling the existing grind.

It's like a neverending ground hog's day - they say they'll make the game less grindy and make it twice as grindy as it was before. They say they'll fix a problem and introduce 5 new problems.

Learn your lessons folks - move on.


Like I've always said - every 'update' is one step forward and two steps backwards.

Remove the costs of new ships? Great. Increase the cost of modules to a point where it is now more expensive to get new ships if you were selective in your module purchases? You've made the game more grindy than it was before, except for the people that were buying every module outright anyways.

One step forward - two steps back.

Get used to this folks - this titanic ain't going anywhere fast.

Hello. I keep writing to the marriage specialist but he's not responding. What gives?

Wow - they released the game on PS4 in its current alpha phase.

When I raised many issues with the game and the way the game was being developed to a more buggy and unplayable state to a point where most PC gamers have vacated this game, developers said that this was quite normal for a beta game. But on PS4 they don't even have that 'it's still in beta' excuse anymore.

Like I said before, the developers of this game truly have no idea what they are doing.

On PC, they never did fix the existng bugs, while continually introducing more content which led to even more game breaking bugs. It was always one step forward and 2 steps backwards kind of development - and them releasing this game in its current shape, where it is by far less stable and playable than it ever was before - that tells you everything you need to know.

Good luck, PS4 peeps.

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The guys above me nailed it actually. The queue/matchmaking times are affected by a number of things from fleet in use, the game mode you're searching, or even the time of day you're playing. Our teams have initiatives in place to improve the experience in the future.

Yeah.... we remember how you tried to get more new people to join the game and not complain by removing the maintanence. It was back then that you've also removed TE and introduced a number of game breaking bugs, which eventually led to the big exodus.

And now even DM is nearly gone.

For the grand finale, I'm thinking onslaught mode is next on the cutting table, leaving people only the tutorial to toy around with -

Sad, funny, frustrating and well - all so very pointless.