Apparently this IS the new forum.

If the game patch history is any indication, we are bound to see more spam than ever before.

errr... what story?

In regards to the feedback:

Developers - I am a former player - I think I started playing sometime prior to 1.7 patch. Things were OK - legendary mode was no different from vet, game was pretty stable, chat worked, game didn't crash, community was striving - though the complaints about corvettes and maintenance were flooding the forum (I didn't have an issue with either, but that's besides the point).

Then came 1.82 patch - the maintenance removal. Game started crashing, you started tinkering with reward system - it started to change on weekly basis - TE got removed because you broke it via bugs.

1.95 patch - from what I'm reading - the status is as follows: chat works sporadically, crashes are common, TE is non-operational (you know it is - no one has been able to join it), the community is on major decline - legendary mode is nearly dead as most of the top players have left the game due to the aforementioned bugs and mode removals.

Essentially, you had a beta prior to 1.82 update and you've turned it into the current alpha.

When the development cycle turns backwards for the duration of 6 months - and there's no clear indication that any of the bugs will be removed - the odds of this game ever leaving beta - or even the current alpha status become very low.

When people posted about the deteriorating status of the game, they were largely ignored.

You've lost most of your players - the game is dying, and I'm not sure there's a way to fix things at this point.

THAT is the current status of this game - and it's disappointing, because for a while it seemed like this game had real potential.

Oh well.

If you to follow the forum, you'd know that now is not the time to get back into this game.

I'm waiting patiently for the game to be at least as stable as it was prior to 1.8.2 patch.

Also, from what I'm reading - legendary mode is now nearly dead (it was still flourishing when I uninstalled the game). Only now it's not because people don't have t5 ships (now legendary mode allows people with t4s to join in without having a t5) - but because all of the experienced players have left the game for good.

In other words, like I said - now is not the time to get back into this game. Wait for the beta phase to be over and developers start working on stabilizing the system and removing the 100 bugs they've introduced with each new 'patch'.

In other words, wait for another 3-4 years - haha

Overkill Engine#5533 posted (#post-173842)

Just unlocked the Light Particle Turrets on a Vigo and tried them out for a few matches....

They are very underwhelming. Other than to cover a brief reload period of the primary weapon, they seem to have no real point and I reiterate, are underwhelming. At least the Flak cannons appear to have a role as an extreme burst damage tool at point blank range, but the particle turrets seem to be substandard option at any range, even if you land all the projectiles on the same target.

Pretty graphics on them though. So that's nice I guess. Maybe increase the projectile speed to justify the low DPS?

Yep - very pretty graphics. I thought I uncovered the most powerful weapon in the game when I first tried to use them - they look so overwhelming graphically. I even scared some corvettes off with them a few times - I think they were a bit freaked out. But damage-wise.... they are a like a giant joke, like the supposedly fully operational TE mode which no one has been able to play for months now smile

Emaster#2915 posted (#post-170667)

Maybe you should try reading my OP? I can count the number of legendary games I've played this month on one hand. If I can't get people to organize for legendary how am I supposed to do it for Team Elimination?

The main reason why legendary mode is no more is because most high level players have uninstalled this game due to numerous bugs and lack of developer response to their concerns.

And I have major doubts they'll ever return.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-170291)

Emaster#2915 posted (#post-170179)

You are an idiot. Try reading what I said. You have no idea how many people want to play team elimination, you only know that there is a strong minority against it. If you can't figure that out shut up and let someone else with brains talk.

Lol ok. Well it's presently been said that TE also got removed dew to player retention. The information the Devs have is that new players who had a TE match as there first mstch after the tutorial stopped playing the game.

As for not knowing how many people want to play it. If you know people who want to play It, get them all together and you can sort out some games. But I'm sure you've already thought of that right? I mean you have brains after all.

Err... that's a bit of a nonsense right there.

What is true is that TE would get broken every time developers introduced new bugs with each patch.

After 1.8 patch, TE got taken offline for 2 months because players would get stuck at the queue screen when queuing for TE. They took it offline a few times after that again for similar reasons. Fact is, they realize that its the most vulnerable game mode - one which gets broken with each patch. So, rather than improving their testing before releasing 'patches', they've decided to drop TE. They said that it's still a working game mode, but given how not one person has been in TE since it got 'removed from any', I'm thinking it's has just been removed.

Furthermore, the community has shrunk and is shrinking still with new bugs and 2 repetitive game modes designed for doom players. Removing TE hasn't helped player retention - it only expedited it.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-168274)

The current system might not be perfect, but it has people keeping veteran and recrute populated. Legendary will always have problems because people don't want to be in an underdog ship. Why get into a fresh T5 when a maxed T4 will do better. That is the problem not Battle Bonus. It making T5's worth playing, and inturn legendary.

Err... that's a bit of a nonsense right there.

Any T5 ship can be equipped with top t4 gear when you purchase it. The only difference is, your t5 will have much better primary guns and more armor.

Ortis#6925 posted (#post-166318)

It seems to me that when maintenance was removed the majority of players was so happy that they did not question the new system. However, just removing maintenance without BB as a replacement would have been a much simpler, cleaner and overall better solution that would have required a lot less work.

I don't know about that - when maintenance got removed, there were a LOT of bugs. xp awards were low, much lower than before. TE got removed due to new bugs. Essentially, that's when people started leaving the game - I didn't get a sense of happiness back. I'd argue that the game was at its most stable and least buggy state prior to the 1.8 patch, not after. The point being - the maintenance removal patch was the beginning of the bug galore that this game has since become.

Bonita#7095 posted (#post-166021)

Im going to take a break from the game for a few months cos this it is so disappointing to be forced to wait to game on a weekend. Its outright disrespectful to your players and I have 4000 other games to play which would never do that.

Ah - welcome to the club, though in my case, I'll be waiting for a year or perhaps even longer, given the current state of the game.

Most elite players left because the game got more and more broken due to the introduction of numerous bugs.

Right now, developers are more keen on introducing more content with little heed paid to the bugs that come with such content. Given that developers were more interested in getting more new players into the game and with little care given to keeping the elites on board tells you where the developers' priorities currently lie (the maintenance removal update was designed specifically to keep new players in the game - but the bugs that came with it (TE got removed fora few months) were the trigger point of the elite player exodus). TE is still not working. Developers will say that it is and is just not part of the 'any' queue, but when I uninstalled the game, no player I know has been able to get into TE for a a few weeks.

More importantly, elite players got tired of posting complaints here and being ignored (TE complaints being one example - developers insist that TE is still fully operational - but it's all a big joke, really).

The fact that this forum is still filled with spam threads 3 months after this became an issue tells you everything you need to know about the developers' pace in fixing things.

Like I said, give it a year or maybe 5 - things will be fixed sometime in 5 years from now, unless developers finally bail out on this broken game. I just read the history of yager - apparently they already filed for bankruptcy 2015. Given the pace of this game's development and the obvious lack of urgency in fixing bugs/retaining players, it now all makes perfect sense.