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I decided to uninstall when I saw any form of negative feedback instantly locked or deleted.

This is the one that got my attention the most.

Interesting - though to be fair, that thread was left open - and so is this one, for now.

Then again, I have seen a lot of threads closed though over time, even the ones which comprised of legitimate criticism.

In the end, I think there's a definite lack of understanding between the players and the developers.

Developers are trying to push through updates with new ideas, with little focus being paid to the existing problems/bugs - while the players want the game to be more stable and less buggy before new ideas are being introduced. For the moment, the game is becoming more and more buggy and getting closer to its alpha status - being unplayable for most of us (hence the great exodus of players since 1.8 update and all of the updates that followed).

Perhaps things will change when developers decide to focus on stability rather than experimenting with new ideas (like killing TE?) ?

It's interesting though - because developers really don't understand why people are leaving. I recall the patch 1.8 came in order to prevent people from leaving - but the effect was the opposite - it wasn't the removal of maintenance that was the problem, but the bugs that 1.8 patch brought with it - and it's been getting only worse on that front with every follow up patch.

I am not sure if this thread will be locked by the devs - though I suspect that it will, as so many other critical threads have been locked.

Still, as I have seen the vast majority of top players (50+ level) leave this game over the past 6 months, I have to ask, why and when did you finally decide to uninstall this game?

For me, it all came down to this game becoming less and less playable with the introduction of new bugs. With each patch, the game was becoming less and less stable - and with the exodus of skilled players, there wasn't much of a point in sticking around.

I had high hopes for the 1.9 patch - thinking that with legendary mode now being limited to t4 and t5 ships, the balancing issue would be solved. Yet, 1.9 patch brought with it a lot of bugs - as has every previous patch (at least since 1.8 patch). TE was again gone, crashes became more common, top players were nowhere to be seen, legendary mode queue duration has become 'legendary'. The game essentially got patched up to such an extent that it was broken beyond redemption. That was my queue to leave and observe this horror development show from the sidelines.

And as I read the latest responses to the latter patches, I think my decision to uninstall this game was a great decision.

So, why did you uninstall this game?

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We are continuing investigation on a significant bug involving late-joining present in this build. In some instances, late-joining players will receive an infinite loading screen and never actually enter the match.

Right now the work-around for this is to close and re-launch Dreadnought.

We need your help in squashing this bug! If you are met with an infinite loading screen when joining a match, please reach out to our Customer Support team here so they can assist in gathering your log data. These reports will help us in finding a fix much quicker.

Thank you for your patience with this fix! With your help, we hope to have a resolution ASAP.

This issue has been around for a long while - a few months at least, if not more.

On my pc, it was impossible to shut down the game whenever it would occur (I uninstalled this game a while back) if I started the match in full screen mode - hence requiring a reboot from start menu. It was only possible to quit the game if starting the match in screen mode.

Anyways, as I've said, this is NOT a 1.9 patch issue - it's been around at least since 1.8.

Curiously enough, this is not why I quit this game - the other bugs you've introduced over time were by far more infuriating.

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What are you talking about!?

Is this not the official love-affair-husband-wife-solution-problem-black-magic-doctor forum?

I just wish those strange people would go away misusing this forum to discuss these weird topics about some spaceships or whatever mumbo jumbo this is supposed to be.

Agreed. The worst thing is, hackers have seemingly deleted the black magic doctor info. Anyone recall the doctor's contact info?

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Hey there,

is it normal that the only game modes i find lobbys for, are Onslaught, Proving Grounds and TDM?? smile

No matter if recruit or veteran fleet. Even after 10 minutes i don't find a single Team Elimination game

Team Elimination was taken out of the "any" queue. So if you want to play TE you need to queue for that specifically.

The reason it was taken out is that it is a very competitive game mode and not a game mode of learning the game in. Finding matches is quite hard. I would suggest going to the Dreadnought discord group to look for people to queue with to get a TE game off the ground.

Err.. bullshiit. It was taken out even on legendary mode, where people don't exactly go to learn how the game works.

Most high level players have left in disgust due to numerous bugs being introduced with each 'patch'.

I recall reading a post a few days ago from disgruntled PS4 players who say that only PC players get all the 'updates'. They really have no idea how lucky they are. If dreadnought stopped 'updating' just prior to the maintenance removal (which was the beginning of the major bugs trend), I suspect most of the high level players would still be here.

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Please, fix this stupid resolution bug asap. After patch game literally unplayable for me - all blurred, no window mode. Other resolutions are useless as well bcos picture stretched.

A week has passed. No response from devs, no news. I spent a lot of time to reach 50 lvl and get t4-t5 ships but now... Good luck, game uninstalled.

Ah, Bosonic - welcome to the club!

I figure we should open a subforum here of people who have uninstalled in utter disappointment due to the really messed up development cycle and lack of response from the developers.

Dreadnought is a truly unique game in the sense that every 'patch' makes the game more buggy.

I'm thinking that perhaps in German 'patch' might mean something other than what it means in English.

It's a bit more than that, but corvettes and TCs are the two types of ships which I see most often being used in a cheat zone.

There are other variations as well - healer with dreadnought with its arsee pointed at ya (making it virtually invincible due to various briefings.

When people cluster, I tend to use dreadnought with missile salvo and stasis pulse and a few briefings which cause your missile salvo to be 30% more destructive (or I did rather, prior to uninstalling this game).

When they spread out, I use corvette.

When my team has good healers, I tend to use my destroyer (it has the most powerful guns in the game, when combined with various briefings).

I never did master the art of cheating with tactical cruiser, but I have seen it done many times to great effect (and corvettes in those instances are not very helpful).

The best way to cheat? find like-minded peeps in a voice chat room - set up your ships to compliment each other and you are then ready to SOS your enemy into oblivion.

Sounds like you might be a frequent jet flier.

What's unique about TE is that it forces people to use strategy in order not to end up in a jet. Those that don't learn this little gem of info early on end up complaining on the boards.

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As it stands now I will not continue to play this game. Will check back in maybe 2-4 months.

Good luck and have fun to those, who stay!

Ah, welcome to the club. I am now merely an observer of this game's development via this forum. With each update, I feel more and more justified in having uninstalled this game.

The game was most stable/least buggy just prior to the maintenance removal patch, but since then it's been getting more and more buggy to a point where I gave up. One day, developers will release a patch which will actually fix bugs without introducing twice as many bugs as it fixes - it's going to be a glorious day, probably in a year or two smile

Otherwise, it's a relentless 'one step forward, two steps back' sort of progress that I am seeing.