How long will they be down ???

Thanks for the response, you guys are indeed working very hard but I was just frustrated at the time.

Your game on PS4 is literally breaking, not a metaphor. Servers will crash when it gets to 95 points and I have video proof it does it like 30% of the time. It will randomly take your gold and credits away and then you restart the game or the ps4 and hope it gives them back but it doesn't always. sometimes you have to wait for several games before it gives you your coins back. The game lags so hard it is a chore to navigate the menus. And sometimes it will load you into a game under the map unable to do anything about 40% of the time. Your game has crashed like 7 times at 95 points in the past 2 and a half hours. Assuming you dont optimize updates for ps4 which I doubt you do wit how unstable it is, how likely would a account transfer to PC be? Please respond

It was my bad, I was a low level and hadn't tried stasis ammo becuase my friend told me that it wasn't that good.

You guys are helpful and I only run stasis for my internal module on my blud, thanks again guys.

My opinion is that nothing should go THROUGH your shields, if you want this game to be tactical then they should have to drain you first, requiring teamwork, but the idea of being able to single handedly 1 hit kill anything with 25,000 health by just racing toward them and pressing square is dumb, I understand that stasis pulse exists but most of the time the fleet shouldn't be that close to each other to rely on your dreadnought stasis pulsing. A really really needed change, I think the ONLY change that needs to happen is it going through you're shields, I don't know how much longer I can play if I can't counter a vindicta even with all of my energy