In order to scramble somebody you need to fly the lightest ship in the game into stasis pulse, artillerys autobeams, blast pulse other mines etc, if your not running the counters, you get scrambled. also you can only do it to one guy normally unless your hugging each other, so your teammates SHOULD be shooting the Corvette if he is sitting there chaining it, but not all teammates are very helpful and that can be frustrating. but since to run them you give up torpedo salvo for example, the Corvette running them is limited in options when fighting a skilled fast ship like brutus or other Corvette, in the end though I dont think corvettes should be able to take on dreads like that, BUT remember to ask for help from teammates if your scrambled, because as long as you have a little support the Corvette will likely not be able to kill your dread on its own.

so I don't know if it is a glitch on pc, but on console emergency evac doesn't disable when you use a module like it says it is supposed to, with the update getting close if this is a glitch it would be nice to finally have this fixed, it has been around since I started playing last year but recently builds rely on this to even function, I can send video footage of everything if you need it

I understand you said this but you also said on the stream that it was fixed, also if your still trying to fix it like I said its only on the xanath map

When I said its only on the xanath map I mean you can beat wave 12 on the other map just not this one, this is the 3rd time we've goten stuck on wave 12 on this map

So we just did it again and there isn't any enemies to kill to finish wave 12, it's only on the xanath map or whatever it's called. You guys said it was fixed, wasted 88 minutes and had a really good build but wasted a bunch of time.
Still trying to beat wave 13 and do havocopys but it's hard to do when this happens...I'll post a video in a minute

Oh we can do it again...

So me and my team made it to wave 13 and died (same team that made it to wave 12 twice) but anyways it let us progress finally and I just thought I would let you guys know with the contest going on right now and all
But the mode is really fun thanks for fixing it

ETA of when it will be back up?

Servers for ps4 are still down