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Dreadnought is just too repetitive and way too grindy sometimes, especially credits. The same Maps, the same goals. Destroy other ships/capture stuff.The Game needs to offer the player a variety of interesting things, content which is new and interesting. Like a fighter jet dogfight mode, or a Bossfight mode where the team must defeat a transhuman superweapon. New Ship classes to offer new tactics and a fresh experience. But instead, the devs just piššed off and left us, a big betrayal like Star Wars 9 or No Man's Sky

Loged in only to remind you, that No Man's Sky was not abandoned, it was worked on silently and after few free updates it became probably the greatest comeback in history, and than it was still worked on rolling out even more free updates with no microtransactions at all. This game is awesome now (and I am honestly surprised that there still are people who slander it, despite it redeming itself two years ago, and becoming popular a year ago already). I'd wish Greybox would do the same - listen to what players want, work on big update, and than drop it on our heads so hard that more people will have to notice it and think "Hey, this is that cool space WOT-like battleship game, I almost forgot that it exists!"

Since steam release (and that was 5 years ago) this forum screams with issues in the game, but GB are apparently stubborn enough to not listen at all.

Most people with legendaries were old time players who dislike new changes for Steam release enough to just quit. I wouldn't expect any gameplay on legendaries anymore.

Man, since steam release this forum is a never ending spiral of rants. And rightfully so.

Yeah, I used to just press space and shift for no reason during combat just to listen to these sounds and watch the thrusters on my bigass ship fire up inconsistently. Seriously, just the fact that both the sounds and animations seemed to not fire all the thrusters at once made it feel like they are these humongous machines full of Falcon rockets as a manouvaruble thrusters, having to slowly fire up. The lack of these sounds (or bugs in them, because now some engines sound like a soviet tractor), along with other changes and issues made me quit in half of the match and never return to it again. But I'm waiting for them to fix it all.

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why don't we focus on enjoying this very gameplay instead of moaning the unwanted changes to the game which for the most part don't effect the gameplay at all (looking at you, sound effects)?

Because they took away parts we loved. At least in my case.
I really liked the old manufacturers logos, and the change was unnecesary and very lazy. I loved to skim through modules and tinker with my ships before the game using a UI that was not bad (at least not to the point, when half of my screen is just one huge button "MODIFY ME SENPAI!" like it's a phone game). I enjoyed watching these ships flying in hangar, workers just doing their work, watching how it is truli alive. As for true gameplay: I loved the deep, heavy sounds of engines fireing up unequally when I manouver to the point, that I found myself just floating up and down with my dreadnought for no reason other than just to listen to the sounds. I prefered when Q menu was not making any annoying and distracting noise, i liked that every near ship was not sounding like a broken tractor engine, and i liked that the freaking UI was working with the same framerate as rest of the game so it was actually readable when doing little aim corrections.

Call me wierd, but aesthetics are very important for me. The feel and immersion are what differed this game for me from other games of simmilar type, like World of Tanks or that scummy piece of sh*t War Thunder is. There were more differences that pulled me in here, yes, but the feel was the reason why I was coming back.

And by the way, I also remember old sounds and graphics. I was also sad when engine particle effects were not precise like before, but there indeed were many, many upgrades. Especially coming back to game and realizing that I could suddenly unlock a whole set of tier III ships for free was amazing and very surprising christmass gift!

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Yeah, the old logo designs and being colorless were better

Not sure if it is sarcasm but... the thing is, they were unique and good enough, that they needed no colors. And for sure they fit better without these vibrant colors, even these logos look way better when you take all the colors from them. The palete for Jupiter is absolutely ugly and not fitting navy-like arms theme, gold does not fit militaristic, bulky, functional, indestructible bricks, instagram pink gradient certainly does not fit organic, a bit alien nature harmony syntetics represent. At least putting basic ship colors on each of them would fix part of the problem.

Were there any legal reasons why they changed the sounds? I mean some ships just sound like a tractor engine, and nuclear strike is... I have no idea who came up with this soviet submarine beeper sound...

UI looks like it's for a mobile game. Everything is so huge and generic.

The game as a whole consists of all these parts that you explained and more. Sound should not be just turned off, it's a real issue. Unconvinient hangar and ugly UI is also an issue that is part of the game that one cannot just overlook. If I would want to overlook all the issues, I'd have to play text-based adventure game.

Now what even was the reason to change the sounds, the UI, even the freaking manufacturers logos? Was there some legal issues? I can't tell why anyone would think that a tractor beeper would fit a nuclear strike better than what we had before.