2 Charges would be cool but as Jawayne said that's 2 second charge time not 2 charges.

The summary says heal 100,000 HP but the goal only shows 10,000.

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" if not Officer Briefings what would you possibly spend a few bucks on?"

Convenience items(EXP/FP Boosts)

More aesthetics for ships +character customization


All of the above but for friends and/or guild mates.

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UPDATE: Thank you for the feedback, we are adding FP as an option for Officer Briefings now. You can find further clarification on this matter here.

I suspect not a lot of people are going to catch this. I hope they keep the FP option. Like I keep saying, the best thing they can do to promote monetization is allow GP purchases be gifted to other players.

I've never died from a Corvette before realizing it was there, and I've yet to die from a Corvette in a Dreadnought. Once you realize a lot of your health is dropping really fast you should be shelling up and finding the pesky insect. Since my Dread is meant for close combat I'll just grab the insect and fire all cannons into it.

Anyways, as a Dread why are you alone? You either need fire support or a repair ship to assist you.

I said it before and I'll say it again. if you want a sure fire way to promote monetization, you should add a way to gift cash shop items. This will allow generous players with money to buy items for players who might not buy those items themselves. And as long as someone is paying for it, does it matter who bought it?

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Wait, this might be an error. Look at the FP prices for modules and look at the GP prices for briefings.

This isn't an error it was stated before the servers went down.

Than it's an error in judgement.

Wait, this might be an error. Look at the FP prices for modules and look at the GP prices for briefings.

I'd like to add that people need to calm down a bit. Like you I complete disagree with their decision, but saying you're leaving the game because the decision isn't helpful. You need to voice your opinion against the decision and trust that they will revert it.

While these things have minor effects, they're effects are very impactful allowing for powerful combinations. Unless you plan to provide some way to easily earn GP (and I mean easily, not weeks of grinding for a handful of GP) than this mechanic is straight up P2W. Might as well add 1 shot kill weapons you can only get through the cash shop and call yourself Nexon.

If you're trying to find ways of monetization, the Elite subscription, cosmetics, hero ships, and boosters are enough. You can also provide ways for people to give these things to others allowing generous players to give them to players who would otherwise not purchase such items.