It probably will be a cosmetic. I'm personally hoping for a free week of "Elite" but that's just wishful thinking.

I'm not sure if this is just an isolated incident but when I died using my modded Zmey it switched to the TRADER version.

EDIT: Seems to have been an isolated incident. The match after that it didn't switch to the TRADER version.

Sicra#7705 posted (#post-26133)

That's pretty good potatochopping right there.

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Would be nice to have the actual login on the launcher instead of in the client.

Yes, this would be nice. Feels a bit redundant pressing the "start" button twice.

Three times. Don't forget you need to accept the EULA every time.

You need to have line of sight (that could go without saying), you need to have your targeting reticle on them (again could go without saying), you need to be within range (different modules have different ranges so pay attention), and certain modules require additional circumstances (namely broadside which require you to aim your broadside at them).

Would be cool to have a ship throttle tied to the mouse wheel. Would mean that middle mouse click would become all stop instead of the energy wheel. Which isn't a problem for me since I use Z, X, C, and V for the energy wheel commands.

Would be nice to have the actual login on the launcher instead of in the client.

The Particle Turrets have the wrong Ammo Count. It says that it has 1 shot before reloading while in the game in the game is has 10 shots before reloading.

I'd just be happy if MM would actually give me a full team. 4 v 5 is not fun.

Same happened. Think you have to relog after the match to get your full payout. Probably an issue with the updates given to the client.

Well when it was during Alpha phase that's how they were running it, but they gave very specific dates when it started and stop. Here they just say pre-CBT started today and CBT starts on the 29th with no given date for the end of the test phase. Think it's safe to assume that the CBT will continue running from now till further notice is given (most likely before OBT).