Exactly why do we need 5 seconds to see everyone who was in the battle before we get 5 seconds to see how much XP we got than finally can see our battle performance for the next 5 seconds before we are allowed to go back to the Outpost?

Would be much nicer if all that stuff was just one screen.

Probably wipe. So don't be like me who bought every single thing.

I think the reason for the discount is to test the store, make sure everything works.

Wait, isn't the Dead Man's Hand a pair black of aces and a pair black of eights?

First bug I ran into the game froze up in the loading screen. Worse yet I couldn't alt tab so I could close the program. Had to basically restart the computer.

Second bug I didn't get any FP after a battle till after I restarted the game.

Third bug after purchasing a ship all buttons were greyed out including the back button forcing me to restart the game. I think it's related to the tutorial (maybe set it up so it forces players back into the hanger after they make their first ship purchase).

EDIT: Find it funny that I got an email asking for more information about these problems. These problems are most likely fixed already...

Captain_Korth#1604 posted (#post-3855)

My vote would have to be Lieutenant Commander Worf whenever he captained the defiant. You just can't beat Klingon guile! If that doesn't count since he wasn't a Captain in rank, then Colonel Caldwell from Stargate Atlantis. (Air Force colonel = Navy captain)

Nah, totally counts. You don't need a captain's rank to command a ship.

Though have to say best ship commander is Sisko. Only one who gave Q the respect he deserved.

Just naming things off the top of my head.

Shows: Expanse (only show I know of that doesn't have magic gravity generators, not counting cartoons), Outer Limits (the 1995-2000 version, though the original isn't bad either), Stargate SG-1 (also Atlantis, but avoid Universe), FarScape, Fringe, Star Trek (very least watch DS9), Firefly, Almost Human.

Movies: The Black Hole, Runaway, Jurassic Park, The Matrix Series, Cube, Event Horizon, the Riddick series (at least the first one, Chronicles isn't bad but it starts becoming more fantasy), Dune (1984 version), The Fifth Element, West World (and Future World), Alien (and Alien 3, you can skip Aliens unless you want a "dumb action movie" which it excels at being).

Books: Daemon by Daniel Suarez (also Freedom), Ribofunk, Metatropolis, Dune (if you don't watch the movie at least read the books, if you do watch it still read the books), The Integral Trees by Niven (and Smoke Ring, really interesting concept), while we're talking about Niven read Gil the Arm stories (it's about police detective part of department that handles science related crimes).

Games: Mass Effect, Halo, Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed (at least the first few), Dead Space, Read Only Memories (haven't played it but hear it's really good), Xenogear (okay, so it's science fantasy but it has some really good sci-fi concepts), Starbound (basically Terraria in space).

Also Gundam Franchise is great but certain entries (like a certain Gundam SEED, not to name any names) are best to be avoided.

EDIT: What? I'm not a sci-fi nerd! Where would you get that idea!? ¬_¬