Last I checked, I could still do basic multiplication.

4 points per kill. 100 points to win. 25 kills needed.

And yet.... why are the kill counts so far above 25? Just had a DM with 34 kills on one side.

34?! I could see 26, maybe even 27 if the kills happened all in the last few seconds, but 34? Nine more than the entire team on one side? That seems impossible. (Edit: and just now a DM game with 44 kills. What?)

My understanding is that whoever did the most damage gets the kill count, not so? Is it double counting by giving it to the person who did the most damage AND the person who got the killing blow (for which there is a whole separate score/xp widget)?

I'm puzzled.

Having tried out the new patch in a few matches, I do have a few comments to make.


The XP rewarded seems a bit parsimonious compared to previous amounts.

I will also strongly echo the sentiment that the xp rewarded should be at least partly and obviously linked to the match performance. Otherwise, why have a match score at all?

Perhaps this is intentional, to slow down progression?

Where I was previously getting anywhere from 3K-6K per match on the main ship I played, depending on how I did, I now find I'm getting 1.5K-3K, about half as much. Some of that might be that the fleet share is taking, effectively, a larger chunk, but overall it does seem much slower.

I was regularly getting 200-300 free xp, now it seems more like 100.

In one match (recruit), I was getting numerous bonuses (tactical, multi-kills, damage dealer, death blows, etc.); I had 10 kills, 1 death, & 4 assists. I got 2K xp on the ship I flew the entire match (w/ recruit bonus, of course, not to mention my own elite and extra from 2 others). Very low. Perhaps the ship tier was part of this (a T2 ship)? (the total match score, which is, I guess, irrelevant now, was 1300, and I was in first place).

Playing veteran matches with similar, seemingly highly effective performance, has also yielded poor XP (5 kill(?!), 1 death, 2 assist, several field engineer bonuses with a T4 tac cruiser, some damage dealers as well, 3rd on scoreboard, not quite 3K xp earned in the match, iirc that performance would have netted upwards of 4K previously).

Something seems off.

All that said I do also appreciate the additional tanking score (& xp?) methods that have been added, along with some other items (damage dealer) that seem easier to get a few of.


Overall, I actually like it.

I do like that in a tac cruiser it is now immediately apparent, with the little icon, whether I'm healing or damaging, that is a nice improvement.

I love that there is a non-color based method to see how close you are (helps the color blind folks out there, I'm not one, but can recognize a good design). Honestly, with that being decent, the colors are immaterial to me.

The only complaint I have is the odd laggyness on the target bracket, which I suppose is meant to represent where the guns are actually tracking versus where the camera is pointing? The link isn't instantly apparent, though if that is indeed what is happening, it is able to be figured out.


Perhaps I'm the only one seeing this, so I'm sure if this is a bug or feature, but the chat window keeping conversations from previous matches is not something I'm enjoying.


I can't comment too much on the adjustments for the T3 ships, except that something needed to happen, since it used to be that the side with the most T4 ships in a vet match would win. This might make it a bit more competitive overall, and will actually help the newer players.

It isn't too hard to start getting to T3 ships, I'm working on T4+ now with less than a month of play, having the T3's be better as compared to previously, while still not as good as T4's, will certainly be a boon.

I will also say that having played a few matches in T3 corvettes, they do feel more effective now.