No the pack invite not the event ones as show from account screen below:

Fleet Recruitment Pack Invites

As part of your Founder’s Pack purchase, you get Fleet Recruitment Packs that enable you to invite your friends to play Dreadnought and give them valuable in-game items. Enter their emails below!

Hi All

I still have a invite free as most my team mates from other games bought hunter pack. If you want it (includes Morning Star (hero) ship and some GP let me know. I will need email address to load it for you. First come first served.

Key has some extra GP and Morning Star (hero ship) attached if I remember right if it is a fleet key from pack

I got Febuary code but no alpha key. I have now loaded a ticket with grey box to see what happened.

I got invite for alpha 17/02/2016, but could not get to download???

Signed up now the WAIT....... is it here yet NO, is it here yet NO etc

Just watch the Dev stream, they could not pilot the fighter jet. Having played MWO for over a year and watched every thing from invisible walls to poor hit reg better they fix it first than lose players

Damm missed live stream, had to watch later as was 5am ish in NZ and I had to work. Game looks great can not wait for BETA.

OMG this game looks EXCELLENT. Found some youtube clips (from PAX and DEVs) and shared with my MWO unit (LOL all 3 of us). We have been talking about if someone ever made a Capital Ship game how good it could be and now someone has. I can not wait for this to Beta Release.