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Latest up date here


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An up date from Twitter here 7 hours old, would have up dated soon but i was asleep and waking up having breakfast.

Sooooooo what's going on?

It's been weeks since I could log in. Purchased Elite time has been wasted. What the **** is going on?

comandermatt#1979 posted (#post-225783) said:

crossplay isin't a thing? cause if it 'sn't, pls devs make it so that there is crossplay so that there are more players for machmaking

Oh god please no, crossplay between console and PC is always a gongshow.

Games were going fine, but now won't load into any matches. Just sits on the match loading screen, and the PS4 goes into overdrive mode with it's fans.

Tried restarting Game/PS4 with no sucess. Server errors?

Because I'd love to know how that's balanced.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-223411) said:

In a word no.

T5's would slaughter T3 ships.

Lol yes. T3's would pose about as much threat to a T5 as the command ship does.

Hypervolt#4192 posted (#post-223377) said:

In case this helps- the wheel does not disable on the PC version (if the PS4 and PC are supposed to work the same, then that is a difference between the two). In fact, on the PC edition, the wheel graphic pops up above the scramble, so you can see it clearly despite not being able to see anything else. It is relatively easy to navigate the wheel in the PC edition while scrambled. That being said, it is probably an issue if it is being obscured on PS4...

100% it does not pop up, and it sure seems to be disabled as swiping to put up shields or engines seems to do bupkis.

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corvettes are the class that some people are really good at or reeeeeeeeeally bad at. I rarely see an ok corvette. The best way to take them out is with destroyers.

Pretty much, they have a higher level of skill ceiling and floor then any other class in the game.