Been spending too much time around unshielded reactors.

I assume they were going for old and grizzeled, but more achived old meth addict.

Fair enough, I don't play on PC and it seems to me we don't see near the issues with matchmaking on PS4 as you do on PC. x.X.x players are rare, squads are rarer. I can count the number of matches I've had where theres more then 2 x.X.x players per side on one hand. The smaller match size (5v5) also makes it "more even" I think.

So what's the solution then? The flipside would to be have a fleet/queue for each of T3/T4/T5 that is seperate, but then we're back to the player population able to support that segreation issue.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-220397) said:

I just want a Command Ship that can last long enough or the initial spawns be repositioned on all maps so that most of the team to get to it, if the team chooses to do so, before 2 or 3 enemy corvettes/light destroyers swoop in and cream it in the first 30 seconds of the match while most defenders are still only halfway flying to it.

Never did quite understand why on some maps you start the match spawned with your CS, and others it's half way across the map.

First off I completely agree the power disparity between T3 and T4 is very punishing, especially to newer players who are just trying to get into the Veteran rank. A stock T3 with T2 modules and basic Officer Briefings is barely better then allowing T2's in the Veteran queue. And with the relatively recent change that drastically increases the amount of XP required to unlock modules I believe it is one of the directly impacting factors of player retention.

In my opinion the Veteran queue should be only T3, and T4's should be moved to the Legendary queue. This would also help in actually getting Legendary matches played without having to arrange premades via Discord. There may be a similar power difference between a new T4 and a maxed out T5, but at least in the short term the player population that even has T5's unlocked is so minuscule that the impact should be much less.

Limiting Veteran to T3 only would allow for an even playing field for both new and old players to get the initial ranks of Officer Briefings, that do make such a difference towards performance. While at this point I can field a full fleet of T4's (and even have one T5 unlocked) there are still plenty of T3's I've not played to unlock those tree's/Briefings that could be useful. But going back to play them now is just a painful experience.

As Cemenotar has noted, when you play in a new T4 you can equip any unlocked and purchased modules from your T3 version of that ship. Since you start with T3 modules anyway, you might as well return to the modules you prefer for playstyles sake until you unlock some T4 variants.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-220335) said:

One problem is that Command Ships stats don't increase with queue level (Recruit/Veteran/Legendary); stats are the same in each rather than increased as queue level increases.

Yep, a properly equiped T4 corvette or destroyer can shred a command ship solo in a matter of seconds, let alone (I presume) T5).

It could definatly use some kind of both defense and offensive boost, that scales with the queue levels as well.

I rather like the idea of it providing module pulses to ships supporting it. And much like player ships it really should heal it's own HP if it's not attacked for a period of time.

It should also put out enough firepower so that it's not easily soloable. Currently it hits so weakly that I can compeletely ignore it's damage. It shouldn't be able to defend itself againts more then one attacker without support, but in the current iteration I can literally park a corvette on it and blast it with impunity. It might take half my HP while I 100-0 it.

It's probably a programming decision, as logically speaking the higher level module should be better then the lower version. After all, why buy the higher teir module if it's objectively worse?

The fact that it's worse is more the issue, then the ablity to equip (intentional or otherwise) a lower tier module.

As the game currently exists as far as I'm concerned Veteran is the End Game. I've occasionally sat in the Legendary Queue with the T5's I have unlocked while doing a household chore that needs doing, but it's never popped. It's functionally dead, outside of premades organized in Discord.

Personally, I think the fleet should be restructured so that T3 ships are the Veteran fleet, with T4/T5 then becoming the Legendary Queue. There is a much bigger power inbalance between a new T3 vs maxed T4 then a new T4 vs maxed T5.

The time required to unlock a single T5 is one of the reasons there are no Legendary matches.

The Dola was bad, it's been improved but is probably still the "worst" of the T3 destroyers. Just requires a different playstyle.

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Thank you for your feedback SkyRaider! We would like to bring more community challenges to you guys, seeing this one turned out to be a huge success. Thank you everyone for participating in the challenge and enjoy your rewards!

It's a fairly minor quibble but if possible in the future if you run similar events that reward a short period of Elite time it would be nice if this was a claimable code vs a set time period. I was unable to play when this was rewarded, so missed out entirely on it. If I could "claim" for a time period when I can make use of it, that would be nice.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-219653) said:

and maybe have the consequence be loss of the battle bonus for the next match?

That already happens.

The only time I've intentionaly quit a game is when I run into a x.X.x squad of corvette farmers while solo playing. It's just not fun getting repeatedly focus-fired. Teamwork OP, plz nerf lol.

I'd rather take the hit to the BB if I even have it and requeue then waste the match time and end up with minimal points + fustration.