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PS4 will get updated to 8vs8 and with it squads of four too at some time.

TBH I kinda hope not, at least with the current state of the game. It seems that in my experience with 5v5 we don't see near the number of issues with heal-orbs (lol censor) and death-squads that I see the PC players post about.

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Since the Lorica has a predecessor you can use its T3 modules, so if you bought the Plasma Broadside T3 on the Gravis, you can use it on the Lorica.

It is a pretty common pitfall, one I fell into myself when I started playing. Perhaps instead of defaultig a set of (often suboptimal) modules when unlocking a new ship the player is prompted to select thier new ships loadout immediately, obviously still limited to thier unlocked modules?

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I have to ask though.
It seems the typical build is to be a Warp striker.

But has anyone come up with one using the Starling nuke missiles or carrier craft?
just curious if a longer ranged build is possible

It's entirely possible, but in practice I've found it to be lack luster. Getting back into the battle once you die is a very tedious process, and a lot of the long ranged options have numerious counters to avoiding/mitigating the damage that I've had very little sucess trying to play them.

The other advantage to the warp in/brawler playstyle is you're the immediate target as well, so you take attention off your weaker teammates allowing them to get in secondary kills.

Jumpaland is the true name. Playing it this way can be quite fun once you have the modules unlocked, it's just unfortunate that you pretty much HAVE to play with Warp as your forth module. It's just too slow with anything else.

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I can't agree that buying battle bonus is waste , i constantly buy it and i am still able to make enough money to buy all modules i want . And i play without elite status

No way you're trying to get modules for T5's then lol. 90k credits for one sucks up whatever stockpile you have right quick.

TIV description has Force: Moderate with TV as Force: High

If it will be fixed (sooner the better) thats fine, the refund comment was more voicing displeasure over teh discovery.

Is this broken or what? Tier V barely moves the ship, it's like a sad cartoon where the racecar pops out a small cloud of smoke and sits there.

Wheras TIV of the module acutally moves the ship a decent distance at a fast rate. And now I can't go back to TIV.

I want a refund!

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Bots don't count for those.


However it would be nice if that was restricted to only the Practice matches to prevent bot farming. Since you as the player has no control over what bots show up in your TDM/TE/Onslaught matches, those kills should count towards contract completion.

It's not like the credit rewards from completing contracts is exactly huge to begin with.

I assume it's the same for PC but if you leave a match on PS4, even if just from the Orbit screen you will lose the Battle Bonus if you had it. It will also reset your timer for the next battle bonus to maximum if it was still counting down.

Squeaky wheel(s) get the grease. Without (CONSTRUCTIVE) feedback it's hard to gauge what truely needs work.