Restart the game/PS4? Haven't run into that (sound cuts out yes, but not that)

This is a problem in any online team vs team game sadly.

And no, currently no ingame mic support. Many people use 3rd party apps like Discord to team up, but not built in.

IrreleventIdiot#0394 posted (#post-136032)

I back this up, but I would suggest the ability to click past it.

+1. Having an animation is fine, forcing it to play out is less fine.

I don't have Plus, so I'm not sure on that one.

Well, most of them actually can, the problem is hitting them.

The Hactar is a T4 ship, and if you're new you probably haven't unlocked the Veteran fleet yet. It can only be equipped into that or the Legendary fleet.

Am I missing something or is there zero way of acquiring GP outside of a credit card? No way of generating them via the game? Given the cost of the packs, it would be several hundred dollars just to customize one ship! Seems rather silly.

Ed_Anger#9258 posted (#post-132452)

Squads larger then 3 in random games would be extremely overpowered.

There should be a fully-premade team game mode as well.

That's just saying that teamwork is overpowered.

Dunk Mujunk#4849 posted (#post-120378)

Some info about what lies beyond May 15th would have been nice, hopefully it was just a case of the Devs having their hands full.

I'm with you, love whats been released so far but SOME communication would be nice smile