It is amusing that in a game that should be promoting teamplay the "lone wolf" builds are the best way to gain points/XP.

Mathematicly there will always be an "optimal" build, but there should not be much more then a few percent value difference between intended play styles (assuming equal player skill).

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-216478) said:


If Greybox developed Discord and it was a part of the game, it would be a valid retort.

As it is, requring the use of the 3rd party app just to maybe experience a part of this game is not a solution.

BladeGrip#2964 posted (#post-214820) said:

Do TE contracts still exist in the pool? I've played for quite a while since the interface update and I have never seen TE contract even once since then.

They still exist on PS4, along with T2's in Vet matchups -_-

I've always looked at the amount being paid for the contracts as a supplementary amount, not a primary source of income but that said there is a definate disparity in difficulty/frustration in achieving them for "identical" rewards.

A few frustrations I notice:

1) Any of the "Kill ships with modules" contracts. Getting the killing blow with a module explicitly can be quite difficult naturally, so I find myself trying to time things or play sub-optimally (or sniping kills) to try and achieve these. This contract is particularly frustrating on a Tac Cruiser.

2) (PS4 only I presume) TE Contracts. Just useless, they can't be completed so they must be re-rolled.

3) I suspect this may be more of an issue on PS4 then PC, but the "Kill 12 Tac Cruisers" contract is difficult to complete just due to the fact of no real players running tacticals at all. The AI will, but those kills don't count. And stemming from that:

4) AI Kills in Onslaught/TDM don't count towards contracts. I understand why they don't count in Practice matches, but they really need to count towards contracts in "normal" PvP modes where bots get auto-included.

The primary guns are actually very good, provided you are at literally "rubbing hulls" range. But for a vessel with the worst speed and maneuverability in the game it makes those primary's feel extremely underwhelming as they can be quickly out-ranged by nearly every other vessel even if you pull the warp-on-top trick.

It does feel like the ship is pigeonholed into specific builds due to it's weapon range and speed. Survivability is good, but once you do inevitably die you MUST have warp if you ever want to get back into the fight.

One of the only places where I think PS4 has it better. With the 5 player limit having 2+ healers really gimps your killing ablity, and having one healer is much less fustrating to deal with.

You can't just limit the game to 2 tacticals (if you do that, then the same limit would have to be applied to all classes) as a Tac crusier isn't just a healer, or can flat out not be equipped to heal at all.

There are many things that could be done to reduce the effectiveness of the passive healball, without having to resort to a hard class limit.

It used to be worse when T2 ships could get matched up against T4 ships.

Still an issue on the "released" PS4 platform, and it's so much fun

If you're playing Veteran, don't use a Tier II. You will get stomped. Play Recruit until you have a Tier III. That will give you a fighting chance as you now have access to Officer Briefings.

PS4 still has the "feature" of pulling people who queue for Recruit into Vet matches. The only way to avoid this is by leaving one T1 ship in your Recruit fleet.

I'm PS4, and we still have T2's in vet matches so we're still behind.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-212342) said:

If the other team has AI ships, killing them will not count towards the contract. It only counts "reall people".

This makes sense in a practice match, but would be nice if this was changed for any of the PvP modes. I've had a "Kill 12 Tactical Cruisers" contract for several days now as I've simply not seen a player controlled tac in any of my games. Havn't re-rolled it either as every day has given me Team Elimination contracts too. At least there is a chance of completing the tac one -_-

As for the balance in general, people say here that going up against maxed T4 ships with a full set of OBs, using your stock T3 ship without OBs and the stock T2 (!!!) modules they come with, is no fun. The difference is so huge between these two setups that player skill has little to do in deciding who wins the fight.

Pretty much. It's not a huge grind to at least get some T3 modules, but you're still looking at several hours of gameplay per T3 that is just fustrating, rather then fun. I would imagine there is a rather large drop-off in player retention when they reach that point.