Sometimes I forget the shield damage reduction. It would be nice if it is displayed on the hangar UI.

Should prioritize the ship you are have recently damaged rather than randomly draining the nearest ship.

Since the Nuke buff, this missile seems to be underpowered.


Match its blast radius and cooldown with the Nuke.

However decrease the duration of stasis, drain and module interrupt to compensate like 3 seconds.

The game will be fun if you play with a friend that has modules to combo with this.

First of all its nice to be back after a 1 year hiatus.

I'm glad there are still those who are playing DN.

The legendary queue still takes some time to match-up since there are few players.

Now the problem:

The speed of matchmaking in veteran queue is good, however I noticed the new players have difficulty fighting fully equipped T3 ships used by longtime players with full set of OB's.


Give T3 variants for Vindicta, Koshei and Jutland.

It will give new players access to these toys earlier and can make them create their loadouts to counter the veteran players.

Also all OB's should be moved to T3 to level the playing field since they can accessed earlier.

It will also give them some insight on how Legendary Match is played.

What do you think?

This will make veteran games more interesting.

Survival Instinct
Health under 50%----->-25% reload time
Health under 25%----->-50% reload time
This should make it better rather than being useless 75% of the time.

I did not see my onager shooting the white beam when activated. It uses its primary attack. No effect on ships hit by the beam. Seems bugged.

Ever since the nuke buff, the use of starling salvo becomes useless. I would be nice to remove them and just refund the credits and xp point.

I actually plan to equip T3 tartarus missile on my lorica. sadly im stuck with useless scattergun.

Is this change permanent?