This is for T4:

Rather than firing 2 missiles that spit into 8 warheads, 16 total.

How about firing 4 missiles that spit into 4 warheads, 16 total.

It improves accuracy and damage spread.

I just wanted an xp refund on my T5 fighters since the tech tree changed. I was following the old tech tree however the patch changed it and it is no longer needed.

Please reduce module cost to 33% of its current rate and put it on the ship cost on T4 and below. I'd rather want to get my full build in the fastest time than having a free ship that needs a lot of grinding to get.

And please let us have some xp refund based on the previous patch tech tree changes. I wanted to unlock T5 ballistic broadside on my monarch so I unlocked the T5 fighter to get down the tech tree however it changed now and my xp was wasted.

I can't seem to notice to speed changes on the flechette but I will play more games to compare so as to the torp changes since I'm not a torp user.

The OB's are more accessible now and is the best thing that comes with the tech tree changes.

Overall the patch is in good direction and only needs some few tweaks.

Thanks devs.

I have recently unlocked T5 Fighters since it is necessary to unlock T5 Ballistic broadside from previous patch however when the new patch was deployed, the tech tree also changed.

My hard farmed T5 Fighters is now useless and my xp spent was wasted. Can I ask if you can swap my T5 Fighters to T5 Ballistic broadside.

If you can't can I ask for at least a small xp refund. Its hard to play T5 since the matches are only accidental.

They need to fix the accuracy of the mini-missiles. Sometimes they don't hit.

For the devs. Can you post videos comparing the current and 1.10 missile changes?

Its not too late to include the Missile Repeater accuracy fix. Please.

My Vigo carries a disrupter missiles and stasis ammo. Corvettes don't go near me. Hahahaha!

Are there players from SEA here?

No, missile repeater T4 destroyer module.