The performance of nuke, interceptor and warp builds are nearly the same. You can reach 10+ kills with each. Since your starting xp farm Take T4 warp first then tech to T4 repeaters toward retaliator.

Winning games of course, also I need to build it to be viable vs T5 ships.

What is better?

Does this reduce not only the damage but also the heals on tacs?

Since the new patch my launcher stays at 0% and does not update. How to fix this?

Rather than re-spawning randomly on the map it would be better if you can choose a allied ship and re-spawn near it since you can shift between them when you die.

At least you can choose to spawn near them and not on a location near the enemy blob that happens most of the time.

How to fix the jutland guns.

Use the monarch's firing pattern.

It will be perfect.

If you've just purchased your T2 dreadnought and is dragged into veteran matches, or if your struggling against T4 players then you need to read this.

This tackles the Nav, Chernobog and Gravis.

Now for the Guide:

For Nav:

Nuke, Vulture Missiles/Flechette Missiles, Autoguns, Armor Amp

When you get dragged in veteran it is more important to stay away from T4 ships and nuke fixes this problem.

It also complements your primary weapon's 7km range.

Vulture Missiles will add burst but you need to time it with your nuke for a kill.

Flechette can help your trade 1 for 1 with a corvette.

Autoguns will also increase your dps againts corvettes.

You need to prioritize getting armor amp first to make you indestructible while your shields are down.

Remember always drop the warp on T2/T3 ships since you can only target your teammates and not make assassination plays with it.

T4 warp is another story.

For Chernobog:

Nuke/Plasma Broadside, Any Missile or Torpedo, Stasis Pulse, Armor Amp

Retaliator, Module Amp/ Survival Instinct, Slow and Steady, Good Side

Chernobog is mostly played as a long range suppressor or blockade ship. Just rain your high damage plasma at enemy ships to force the to hide in the terrain. If they focus on dodging your shots, their dps will decrease.

Prioritize getting Stasis Pulse and Armor Amp first before getting the damage modules.

I've tried running ABP before but it will not help you if your against good T4 corvettes, ram destroyers, and tactical nukers.

ABP is better used to T4 warp dreadnoughts who use PTW while unloading a full combo to kill someone. It guarantees that you will survive to get the kill or double kill.

Since T3 ships have OB's try getting the Good Side first as it complements shield tanking. You can easily fill your energy to 50% while they are shooting you.

You can now use broadside modules and still be tanky. The other modules are a luxury.

For Gravis:

Plasma Broadside, Any Missiles or Torpedo, Stasis Pulse, Armor Amp.

Retaliator, Module Amp/ Survival Instinct, Slow and Steady/Nerves of Steel/Engine Rigger, Good Side

Treat Gravis as a destroyer and not a dreadnought.

The play-style is different from the Chernobog.

Gravis is used as a corvette and destroyer hunter and you need to play offensively.

Remember you will destroy T4 corvettes and destroyers if they get into your broadside range.

They will not escape when they are hit with stasis pulse and will burn their desperate measures OB if they have it.

Torpedo modules are better since you can root them with stasis pulse allowing you to deal around 20-25k damage with module amp with a full combo.

This guide is not meant for T4 dreadnoughts.

Hopefully this will decrease the number of players struggling in the game. Thanks.

Stasis pulse counters T4 ship strategies not just corvettes. It also increases the accuracy of your incompetent teammates. smile

We we joined the game, we cannot choose ships and join in. When I check the scoreboard it displays my ship as T1 and there are also many players displayed like this.

I think most of us that join in waited for a long time so that enough players can play T5 however all that time waited was lost since we are locked in and cannot join the match.

Please fix this.