Since you've just made a new wiki. It would be nice to show the true values of the OB'S so we can put it on the wiki.

When I read Nerves of Steel, I have no idea how much speed and DR gain when I get hit.


I you plan on getting heavy mortar, you need the OB survival instinct.

Make the primary weapons fire like the Monarch.

Range 2000----->2400

this will make the community happy

Maintain 90% Damage Reduction

Maintain 10sec Duration

Cooldown to 27sec

This is better than current iteration.

I'm more interested in the ping part than in the fps.
I play mostly on a laptop medium to high settings.

The last 2 patches have been good. It's time to include this option.

How about giving module boost on different ship types.

Example would be:

Light Destroyer
Plasma Ram +3sec duration
Blast Ram +25% damage
Purge Ram -20% cd

Medium Destroyer
Light particle turrets 50% dps
Storm missles +50% range
Temptest missiles +20% damage

Heavy Destroyer
Warp +1500 range
Module Reboot -40% cd
Energy Generator +3sec duration
Plasma Ram +50% damage

Heavy Artillery
Siege mode +50% damage
Purge mode -1 shot, -50%cd

And so on.
What do you think.

Most players don't carry counter modules in veteran and sometimes in legendary. Those modules can easily stop most strategies rank 50 players employ.

If you're a player fresh from recruit, take note of disrupter missiles, tartarus, scrambler mines, drain mines, stasis beam.

They are available in T3 ships after a little bit of grind.

Disrupter stops module usage so healers cannot use amp or pods and corvettes cannot escape.

Tartarus missile drains energy, stops modules and slows ships however needs a nuke to finish them up.

Scrambler mines disrupt HUD so it impairs targeting.

Drain mines prevent enemy push especially if multiple ships get hit, artys can snipe them since they have no energy left.

Stasis beams can be used to stop corvettes or punish rammers. Good rammers usually change ships if there's a decent player armed with stasis modules.

You can also equip tractor beams to destroy formations especially in maps with lots of terrain.

2 T3 dreads with nukes and another one with tartarus can break a T4 healball.

After breaking the healball change your ship to the one you like.

Simple strategy.

The overpowered OB's from T4 can really help starting T3 players who came from recruit and face utter destruction vs. max rank players who stay at veteran since there are only few T5 matches.

This should be implemented next patch.