Never-die build:

Modules: Repair Drone, Repair pod, Overclock Pulse, Energy Generator

OB: Retaliator, Module Amp, Slow and Steady, Adrenaline Shot

Game-play: Module amp the drone and the pod so you will never die.

Can tank up to 4 ships focusing you as long as you keep healing someone to activate adrenaline shot. Very good in onslaught since you can keep healing the CC.

Counters: Drain and Disruption will kill you.

Please fix the accuracy of the micro-missiles it releases. It can't reliably hit targets.

Are there any plans to let the players choose which server they will connect?

Ship range should be equal on all ship tiers. However keep the improved optimal range on T3 ships. Its funny that a T3 ship out-ranges a T5 ship.

Use a VPN and connect it to a server near Texas. Fixed my problem.

Its better to use it on dreads and destroyers. Artys use Glass Cannon or Destruction Cascade anyway.

Compared to other weapon OB it is weak.

It should be made into

"Taking damage reduces reload time by 50% for 3s"

I cannot play anymore. When I join the game I cannot choose my ship. When the match starts my ship has no weapons and I cannot see the other ships. Sometimes there is no ship spawned but the camera moves. What happened?

It's a good thing to bring an arty in legendary matches since you counter nuke monarch and jutland. High burst damage is also important since they usually camp with healers.

Some players will use vettes early but will shift to other ships depending on what the team needs.

Dola, Blud, Gora

Range 7000---->4000

Greatly increase the accuracy, decrease the spread

Projectile speed 3000 on all of them


My flak cannons killed more ships than my primary guns

Dover, Machias, Valcour, Nevis

Projectile speed 7000


Handling issue


Make it like the Monarch's primary


You don't use your primary weapons if you use the jutland, it's just for decoration

Agosta, Trafalgar, Otranto, Vigo, Athos

3000 projectile speed on all of them

Equalize the number of projectiles per turret


Handling issue, if you change for each ship, you need to adjust your target leading which is not nice

Quality of Life change

Palos, Harwich, Cattaro

Improve the turret rotation speed


Corvettes move faster than your turrets

Ballista, Onager, Grenada

Change the firing style to hold release. when you tap it fires the 1st shot, if you release it fires the 2nd shot


Quality of life change

Kreshnik, Stribog, Netron

Increase projectile count, damage stays the same


To give a better impression that it is a shotgun

Simargl, Nav, Chernobog, Voronezh, Zmey

Projectile speed 2400

Increase the number of firing turrets, damage stays the same


Handling issue

We need to see more plasma orbs

Gravis, Lorica, Invictus

Projectile speed 3700


Handling issue

Furia, Virtus, Nox, Stabia

Automatic firing


Health issue, my fingers get tired repeatedly pressing and I can't play Dreadnought anymore

Light Particle Turrets (Destroyers)

Projectile speed 7000


It's a particle gun