And thank you. smile

Ah, excellent. The leveling faster thing doesn't sound too bad, guess I'll check the game out.

thedeath#8178 posted (#post-126828)

the officer briefing system was only a quick attempt they made at making it semi p2w over a year ago,

it got removed again really really fast :p

there's no true p2w features in this game

it's mostly just skins and totaly useless hero ships you can buy

only 'advantage' you can buy = elite status which means you can play more relaxed and lvl faster (+ gain more credits and not have to play lower tier fleets to compensate for the maintenance punishment)

Hello everyone!

I was reading the forums trying to figure out whether this game is Pay to Win or not and I stumbled upon a huge drama involving 'Officer Briefings', apparently a very important feature in deciding how your vessel performs.

So my question to you players is: Is this game Pay to Win, or not?

What I understand when someone says Pay to Win:

1: Being able to purchase temporary boosts to performance with real money.

2: Being able to purchase equipment, weaponry or anything else that may offer a tactical or statistical advantage over your peers with real money.

3: Being able to boost progress with real money (In my opinion, this is just as pay to win as paying for stats, because it is, essentially, what you are doing and most of the time you will have a DIRECT advantage over anyone who does not pay for the same progress boost. Provided they do not go full automated drone and farm themselves to social self destruction.).

4: Being able to buy stat boosts, or anything else that directly influences your performance while free players can 'also buy them' by simply 'playing alot'. This is a trick I've seen many times before. Sure, you can get everything you want as a free player, provided you play 18 hours a day and continue doing so for months, then you'll be competitive. Until the next update, which is gonna be a week later since it took you half a lifetime to get up to their level.

What I understand as not being pay to win:

1: Buy some skins, look like a god, just don't be one only because your credit card is of higher quality than mine.

2: Other vanity stuff, I don't know, like how about being able to purchase giant jukeboxes and playing theatrical space opera fight music that everyone can hear, lol.


Having formulated my question as such, I should add that I usually spend way too much on games in terms of cosmetics, probably spent over 100 euros on LoL skins and I don't even like the game that much.

But I really, really hate people gaining an advantage over you in combat, because they have more money than you do.

It makes people arrogant, think highly of themselves and act as douchebags because they seem to genuinely believe that they are better players.

It destroys games for me.

Thanks in advance for your replies.