We spoke. They listened... and devised a trickier way to leave us in the same trap.

Playing recruit is only good for credits as I maxed out my t2s ages ago so all they earn is that 'fee' xp and it gives no bonus to the actual free xp.

By boosting the amount of ship xp we earn and simultaneously cutting back our free xp they have, from both ends, trapped us in a situation where we are in an even slower grind unless we fork over $$$.

With Elite status in a vet match before 1.8 every ship would earn a base of xp 291. Now it's 185ish? I forget exactly but I did the math at the time and the bottom line is that they cut down our rewards by %37...

That's equine excrement.

If It's not fixed in 1.8 I'm calling a strike lol. Apparently It's been a known issue for the past couple of updates (or so I heard) enough is enough. If you can't fix it then remove that fighter class from TE.

Tested last night: Target blink warp with shields raised against mine arty. I took heavy damage but survived enough to engage my blast pulse and torpedoes and fire away. We both died.

On another run the mine itself was close enough to him to do additional damage and so as soon as I warped in it exploded hurt us both and after my blast pulse (with a quick switch back to energy to weapons because I have module amper) it killed him and I fled... wounded but alive.

I've learned something new in this thread (Thanks community) about pulses taking out mines. So that's another thing you can try. I know I will.

AaD_Sdric#9600 posted (#post-128888)

I love how a topic which about a clear flawed implementation (an element with 0 counterplay because of truely invisible mines, not the corvette easily spottable fake stealth kind of "invisibility") has become a yet another topic for people with 0 situational awareness to rant about the most easy to kill units ingame.

As a Valcour (and Nevis) flyer (and a user of target blink warp) I understand your frustration with proximity mines. 1 shot kills every time. However how many artillery cruisers have you fought that had any chance against you without it?

So your issue is not that they have this ability but that this ability is invisible? I disagree. First of all the ability isn't invisible. You can see a faint red halo of lasers shooting out in all directions from the epicenter of the mines giving you the mines location and trigger radius. If you are looking and aware you can see them. Secondly, as many have pointed out, the point is to adjust. I've had to sneak up on a arty and plug him at range with weapon amped main guns and torpedoes or get close with shields and trigger the mine then go to work or choose targets that my modules and briefings were more suitable to counter.

While I wish the damage from the mines wasn't enough to one shot kill a light corvette it doesn't take more than a few seconds with that thing to take down an arty so the damage needs to remain fairly high to give any kind of balance.

Maybe making the mines a tad more visible... but honestly once you die the first time from an arty mine just remember which arty was using it and assume he has mines around him. Adjust or attack other juicier targets...

If you really feel it's that unfair maybe spend some time as a sniper and see who seems to have the advantage in the whole story.

Additionally there won't always be a solution within your comfort zone of ship classes. In order to win a match you might have to play a ship class you enjoy a little less for the team and for the win because someone may have the perfect counter to your ship. That's why we get fleets with 5 ships. I personally try to have one for every occasion (although to your point an elite arty is hard to counter with anything but a vette [or another arty] and if you throw in the mines... )

On a side I wonder if at a certain graphics preset it does not render aforementioned red laser halo thingy...

As far as I know, energy set to weapons does nothing to boost your modules (missiles et al) save if you have the Module Amper officer briefing:

Active Condition: Energy set to "Weapons"

Effect when active: Module damage +30%