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@Captain Nemo: thuth that

@JanTwardowski: you are so wrong... anything can kill arty that fast, really. Also for that damaged DD without energy - I can kill it as fast as vette with any class then... your arguments aren't valid.

@Shocknfunk: exactly - people not giving faq about minimap get killed and not just by vettes

@Brother Belial: 1) you don't need to lock target to be able to hit it 2) purge/mines/stasis/broadside/scrambler/pods/etc. are tools against vettes... and also commonly used against pretty much anything else, so no, you don't fit ships specificaly against vettes.


- this is a TEAM based game... if team is ignoring teammates in need or minimap at all, don't blame vettes, blame players

- everyone has 5 ships in their fleet... it's proper to switch ship to counter enemy team's tactic. If your team doesn't react to other team's setup, don't blame vettes...

- main defense against vettes (and light DDs and invissible nuclear TACs and tanky warping DNs and pretty much anything) is situational awareness. Once again, if people lack situational awareness and have a tunel vission, blame players.

- on topic: heavy shield is craaap, I tested it for 10 battles and almost every time enemy saw me most of the time so I went back to ABW

- the only thing OP about vettes is The Invincible Heavy Tankvette

tiers really aren't everything... here we had one less player and were seriously undertiered, yet our tier 2s played pretty well and we won - Ihad no multinuke and we did not farm their single tier 2:

lmao... nice trolling Smoker smile And you got fed pretty well too.

your Koschei range is short only if you use Tesla secondaries... that's your choice (even if you just bought Koschei, you can spend free xp). Also, you have 5 ships in your fleet...

There is this thing called "Objectives". You should follow it no matter what class you play. Zero points for healing is imo bad (Havoc), but onslaught point gain is good enough. IF you do what you are supposed to do, you usualy score top/near top. And what are you supposed to do? Well it's easy - heal AND fullfill objectives. I don't think that healers should be the only spec that wouldn't need to follow objectives.

respect, Sardekar


Imo it'd help if you people comunicated more with us... we usualy don't know if you hear us and what's your opinion on subject...

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Once you get T3/T4 everything balances out a fair bit.

The problem with that is getting there in the first place. Until you acquire the modules necessary to deal with corvettes before they take someone out first they are at a clear advantage over you (assuming roughly equal skill), which means your progress toward said modules gets further inhibited by lack of win bonuses and arbitrary maintenance.

that's a false statement since you get plenty of required tools at tier 2

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Corvettes in recruit are OP. They are straight up easy mode. You can carry a team with little effort.

you can carry with everything really (proper use of goliath and reboot destroyer, proper use of arty, proper healing, proper dread tanking...) - everything in recruit is easy mode if you can play it properly and enemy doesn't counter you properly

sorry that you are disappointed, but there can't really be any universal guide (apart from use tools at your disposal and pay atention). Anyway, read trough some post in this topic and you might get an idea for other classes.

Can't argue there with you, Oblivion, because I joined this game right after current progression system took place thus I hadn't tested original. All I can say is that I'm content with progress rate and speed in it's curent state (I might be wierd but it's how I see it). My point tho were recent mm quee issues and end of match team disconnections which cause people to lose credits. This should be patched and I really consider those as bugs one can expect to encounter in beta.

On the other note, some developers trully use term "beta" wrongly for demo/trial of finalized product, but that shouldn't be taken as a rule and should even be considered customer confusion, since real beta is then treated as demo/trial of finished thing. I've taken part in many betatesting sessions for diferent products in past 20 years, both closed and open and this is one of more polished ones. That's my opinion.


The problem? Games now stay years in Open Beta

Luckily this is not the case of DN (yet).

Well, if you joing game that states it's in beta phase (for any reason), you should expect to find bugs and should be prepared to report them and deal with them. Ragequit because of something you should have expected is just funny imo. Why the heck would anyone join beta phase and then rage about bugs? And on "unfinished and broken" note, see, then one should expect it to be such and if one can't cope with it till it's "finished and fixed", he shouldn't join at first place, should he? I mean what did he expect from beta product? I certainly expected to bump into bugs and obstacles (beta, you know...) so I'm pretty calm about them and wait for devs to fix stuff...