still not fixed eh? how arkward... cant enjoy the game with this actual keysetting problem...

still not fixed the keybindingsbug STRG or SHIFT and mouse extra buttons are still not assignable smile

nope cant change buttons on the mouse settings... and the more important thing is why the '!@# are the SHIFT and STRG buttons are not assingable... this works in the past for this game and i am left handered-player (means play with arrow keys on right hand and navigate mouse with left hand) and in all other games i use STRG to jump or going up... and use 0(aka einfg) on the right number pad for crouch or downwards... every other game give me the freedom for that except dreadnought i am struggleing arround in this game due to the control settings and i feel very disadvantaged to other players...

and i dont wanna use any 3rd party sofware to solve this problem. its the games/devs part to fix that as fast as possible and make it at most comfortable for players to play their game.

i really like dreadnought (yeah it has some issues like the endlessand boring t3 grind) but i wanna play it. but sometimes theese controls mess me up hard and i died so many times because my ship is going upwards isntead of down and i ended in the open fire...

fix this please.

you can´t assign buttons on Keyboard. As sample:

STRG - doesnt work

SHIFT - (the arrow up under the ENTER) doesnt work too.

I am using a german keyboard.

Dont know where to change thoose buttons on the settings for meh mouse... i only know thoose default setting window under system...

nope, still not fixed smile how sad so i am not able to play this game without any disadvantages

nope still got nothing, no 50k credits, no 500GP

when will we be able to assign mouse side buttons or unsignable buttons, like SHIFT and STRG on our mouse/key config settings?

wink from german left-handred player smile

i am about to enter tier III but i am still scared of this because of all this was being posted here. the MM feels most of the times not fair... why not divided every tier in a seperate match qeue but it think there are not enouhg players to match for this

thx for the quick response

hi fellow dreadnought players.

i am a new player to the game and i play with left handed key binds (use the arrow to fly) its more comfort for me but thats my opinion. so here is my question:

-i cannot assing specific keys on the keyboard like STRG or SHIFT. i use/play with a german keyboard because i live in germany.

-i cannot assing specfic bonus mouse buttons (side buttons on the mouse).

is this intended to be or is this a bug

thx for any helping answer.