Yeah I saw the FAQ but it just said Q3 and aren't we already in Q3? Just figured I'd ask if there was a more solid date in case the FAQ didn't get updated. Glad I can transfer my file over. I sometimes forget the game is on my computer but being in my steam library I can just flag it as a favorite and i'll never again forget lol.

Any news on when the game will be in steam? And once it is will I be able to transfer my progress to my steam account or would I need to make a whole new account?

So while I do not agree with a vast majority of the OP I so knowledge that I am in the minority on that feelings. This community as a whole is super supportive and far better than the community in most games. Even though I don't share the same beliefs in needed changes I'll support this strike because enough of the community clearly does.


I feel like a good arty influences a match far more than a skilled vett. I know I consistently outperform myself in an arty than I do a vett. Sure vetts counter arties, but as long as you're paying attention they will never reach you and get the chance to be a threat.

MasterFALE#0097 posted (#post-116588)

Regardless of the mechanic's merits, the cost is controllable. And, as long as you are not running any Tier 4s, should be less than normal earnings even in losing games.

I researched this and made a table, use the forum search and check it out.

Yeah I said it there, and I'll say it here, that table is a godsend. I've linked it a couple times in a few posts. I appreciate all the hard work you've done to make it brother

Yeah I've seen that hot topic and the fact that they actually said that kinda made me feel the same as you. However by now I play well enough that I am not faced with that problem ever so I kinda ignore the fact that they said that and keep playing. If the day ever comes when I start to lose more credits then I earn I may change my mind, but that day isnt here yet for me.

If a dread could counter purge they may become a little too strong then. As it is now, the only way to really down a dread is by either killing everyone else and THEN him, or by using purge. A dread being able to remove purge kinda destroys the concept of any kind of counter play against dreads

Hahahaha from what I've been told, and implied in our last match a second ago, its just rng and near the enemy. I don't know for sure yet, I havent been flying my medusa so I've only worked my way down to blink warp in the tree. I should get target and assault fairly soon if I stop flying my vindicta for a day

Lol I actually played the closed beta for this game and saw a flop coming. I didnt expect it to be THAT drastic but man, I'm glad I opted out of buying that game after beta.

Yeah unless you pick a day when the community wants to get together for T5 you wont get in a game. There is a T5 list of players floating around the forums, I recommend using that and the discord if you want to fly your new shiny ship.